Playlist Memories

Many years ago I had a laptop with all my music uploaded to it, it was an amazing collection. That laptop got some evil virus (probably from Jaclyn looking at lewd & lascivious websites) and it stopped working…dead. We tried taking it to the computer guy and he said nothing could be done. My CDs have been in giant black books collecting dust since then, I’ve never spent the time to upload it all on my replacement computer.

Lately, I’ve been yearning to hear my Johnny Cash + Willie Nelson Story Tellers CD, or the Cowboy Junkies singing Blue Moon, I even miss my complete set of Motown Hits. This morning I went up to my attic and grabbed the big dusty black books and paged through all that awesome music. The best of Ray Charles! Bob Dylan & the Band’s Basement Tapes, Dire Straights, too much Soul, Motown, and Blues to mention, it was like a huge family reunion, even some goofy characters like the numerous Blind Melon albums. Each album was definitely associated with a different event, person, place in time, more linear than the orbiting sun. I remember my father helping me assemble an enormous stereo system and bringing it to college, the speakers were 3 feet tall and could shake a house, which is precisely what we did my sophmore year at Bloomsburg. J-Dawg, Scuba Steve, and I all cranked up the Talking Heads, “Burning Down The House” to the highest level on the stereo, it was absolute nonsense, you could hear crazy little parts of the song that you never knew existed, the house shook, the 3 of us danced our asses off, and we never noticed our neighbor banging violently at the door trying to get us to turn it down. She literally was 4 feet behind us, looking at the 3 of us through the door’s window, must have thought we were retarded. When the song ended, we turned it down and saw her, she wanted to kill us, we told her that wouldn’t happen again, closed the door and laughed about it for the rest of the year, I’m still smiling thinking about it. Those speakers were trouble, good lord, The WHO and Zeppelin sounded so good when it was cranked up.

There was the night of listening to Jack Johnson at Dave’s apartment with Jaclyn and her friend Krissy.

The crazy car ride home from Philadelphia listening to The Strokes album.

Getting yelled at by an ex-girlfriend with Damien Rice’s Eskimo blasting in the background.

The road trip through Georgia all the way down to Florida with The Edman & Jeff C, I drove through the night listening to The Postal Service on repeat, I remember hitting a pod of giant bugs and it sounds like a brief rain storm.

I’ve pulled out the 30 or 40 albums that are most important and will begin uploading tomorrow night, can’t wait to have those songs trigger little neuron explosions of memory when they come up on my ipod.

2 thoughts on “Playlist Memories

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