Pig Picking & Log Flume Blues

I held a pig roast over the weekend for my father-in-law, Jim. When I contacted the pig people, Blooming Glen Catering, they presented a couple options and ultimately, we decided that the best option for me was to try and do it myself. I rented their “fool proof” roaster, picked up a 60 pound pig (that’s 60 lbs without the guts) and brought it home for the party. I piled in 60 lbs of charcoal at 7AM, slapped the pig on it at 8AM, closed the lid and let it cook until 4PM. I stabbed the pig with the thermometer and it was at the proper temperature for serving. It was pretty easy to do and a lot of fun, hope we have an excuse to do another roast a couple years from now.

I had the day off on Monday and took the family to Dorney Park because I had a couple free tickets. My primary objective was to take the kids on a log flume. Jac, Dalia, Winston and I all hopped onto a log and began the ascent up the mountain, we spiraled around the top through some rapids, proceeded through a waterfall, and finally came flying down the mountain, making a huge splash as we crashed into the lagoon at the bottom. Winston loved it! Dalia was a little freaked out. So we decided that Winston and I would ride again and Dalia and Jac would do something a little more conservative.. There was no line at all so Winston and I raced around, passed through the turnstile and hopped back onto the next log. We repeated the adventure and as we were about to go speeding down the mountain splashing into the lagoon, I explained to Winston that we should put our arms into the air and scream. As I put my arms in the air, Winston bolted for the front of the log, dove under the front portion where you put your feet, and as the water came splashing up, Winston started to scream. I asked, “What the heck were you doing? Why did you dive into the front of the log?” His response “I DIDN’T WANT TO GET WET!” Our log rolled around to to the exit point and I carried him off as he cried and cried. I examined his head and noticed a gigantic goose egg bump on him, I guess from rattling around in the front of the log as it crashed into the water. We had been at Dorney for 10 minutes, rode 1 ride, and the kid managed to seriously injure himself. We spent the remainder of the day taking it pretty easy on the kid rides at Planey Snoopy and avoided the big rides that might rattle his brain any further.

Despite the big bruise, we had a great day at Dorney and enjoyed about 4 hours of fun in the sun.

It was nice having a couple days off with the family, the kids are at an age where they can really be entertained and it is really a lot of fun. Feeling very lucky to have a healthy and adventurous family.

One thought on “Pig Picking & Log Flume Blues

  1. At least when I took you on the Lightning Loops at Great Adventure you left the ride uninjured. Now Winston really is a knucklehead.


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