First, I’ve been thinking about the objective of my blog and while it was initially geared to spur discussion and be somewhat amusing, I have now shifted gears to make it more of a catalog of thoughts and perhaps someday it will be interesting for myself or my children to check it out and see how things were at different times. There’s just not enough time to blog regularly now, but I want to capture things when I can. Hope his works for the people who still check in here.

Here’s what I can report today:
I received a text message from Jac a couple days ago while I was at work: “Hey, Dalia caused considerable damage to the TV screen. She scratched it up with a thumbtack. Sorry.”

When I came home from work, I wanted to confront Dalia to explain that I was a little upset about the TV being scratched because it will make it difficult for me to watch the Phillies. She calmly explained, “Well, you can just get mommy to buy you a new one.” I said, “No, TVs are very expensive, we can’t get a new one.” Dalia said, “Well, you, mommy, and Winston can use all your money to buy a new one.”

For some reason, when entering parenthood, I had a determination to do two things:
1. Always answer the question, “Why?”
2. Thoughtfully explain my rational to my children.

Both of these ambitions are starting to fray and I finding that my good intentions are woefully inadequate. The problem with answering the question “Why?” is that it can lead to several hundred more “Whys?”.

For example, “Why is that man in a wheelchair?
Because his legs aren’t working?
Well, could be for due to any number of reasons, maybe he was in a bad accident, maybe he got sick and it caused his legs to stop working.
Why some diseases can cause muscle to stop functioning, they can disable you, some diseases can even kill you.
Well, let’s first talk about the immune system….

The second conundrum of rationally explaining things to my children is fine in theory, but I have concluded that they are two of the least rational people I know! Conversations that used to begin like “Winston, could you please not touch that dead bird because it is foul smelling, potentially hazardous, and could get your clothing dirty” open a long and painful negotiation that will ultimately result in the kids feeling perfectly justified in a full inspection of the dead creature. I have seen my attempts to implore their rational capabilities deteriorate into loud yelling and hollow threats, “WINSTON, IF YOU LEAVE YOUR BIKE IN THE DRIVEWAY, I’M GONNA RUN IT OVER WITH MY CAR!”

Asides from my ineptitude in parenting, I have taken great pleasure in taking my kids fishing the past couple weekends. The kids absolutely love fishing and I hope that never changes. In the past two weeks we’ve caught fish in Lake Nockamixon, a farm pond, the Delaware River, and the canal. The kids really love catfishing (the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree).

Thanks to the readers hanging in there for all your patience, I’ll post when I can.

4 thoughts on “Interstates

  1. Robbie, I love reading your blog. The way you write about your children is so great. You are honest, funny, and sweet. I hope the tv did not get too damaged!


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