The kids wanted nuggets, I said, “Do you want to go to McDonalds?” Dalia began to sing Old McDonald as loud as she could. Winston said he’d love to go to Ol’ McDonald’s. I told them that the nugget store was just called McDonalds, not Ol’ McDonalds. Winston said, “No it’s not, it is Ol’ McDonalds”, I replied, “No, that’s wrong, it is just called McDonalds.” Winston and I debated this for several minutes, he even accused me of being a liar, it is difficult arguing with him. If any of you readers come over to my house and ask the kids if they’d like to grab some nuggets at Ol’ McDonalds, I’ll be really annoyed.

We have a somewhat useless little computer thing in our kitchen that I received as a present from work a couple years ago. It tells us the weather, our horoscopes, quotes from Albert Einstein, and it also gives us a word of the day from Websters Dictionary and the corresponding definition. Today’s word was “undefined” and it was missing a definition, I am not sure if that was the computer’s attempt at dictionary humor, but the little computer made me chuckle with that one.

Winston used dark blue magic marker to draw a heavy line across his forehead right near his eye brows. He looked like Frankenstein. I asked him why he did it, he had no explanation. I was sitting with him at dinner and I asked him about his day and he started yelling about a fire station and his eyes were really big and he looked totally insane with the marker on his head.

Dalia is 2 years old and is officially a diva. The other night Jac dressed her up in these pajminas (sp?) and then Dalia put on her princess high heels and stomped around the house. Dalia wants a pet bad, but I think we’re a couple years away from crossing that bridge. Dalia is now in preschool and she paints the entire time.

I had a chance to go to a couple beautiful ballparks over the past month, Kaufman Stadium in Kansas City was the gem of them all. If you’re ever in KC, you have to catch a game there, it’s gorgeous, family friendly, and the burnt ends are delicious.

Last month really wiped me out, I spent about a week in each time zone and that really messes with you. I don’t change my watch as I favor being on East Coast time, but it got to be silly constantly subtracting 3 hours, or 1 hour, or two hours from it. When I got home the other day and looked at my watch, it was awkward not having to do some calculation to figue out the time. Our home is such bliss, it felt great sitting in the living room hearing nothing, leaves falling, big yard, quiet street, very tranquil.

We did a day trip to NYC to visit Jac’s college friend, I think the kids loved Times Square and the tall buildings. Jaclyn was ready to go back to the tranquility the moment she got there. Winston tells me he wants to live in NYC and Dalia says she will live in California with a pink car.