Raymond Roussel – Shades of Winston

In the latest Harpers Magazine, they review the writings of Raymond Roussel.. Roussel died somewhat anonymously in 1933 and from what I can tell, his writing is difficult to digest. While I couldn’t enjoy his writing, I loved a letter he wrote to his idol’s (writer Pierre Loti) secretary:

“What I would like to know is if Monsieur Pierre Loti, towards the age of nineteen or twenty, when he began to write and discovered that he was endowed with genius, if he did not experience, during a short period of several months, a sensation of universal radiant glory…It would have been purely interior sensation and one doubtless followed by a terrible disappointment when, on the publication of his first writings, the public did not immediately realize that he had been a great poet.”

This quote reminds me quite a bit of Winston who is always telling me, “Watch and learn my friend!” or “Prepare for the world’s greatest (fill in the blank [train, car, monster truck, etc.]) show!” Winston has unbridled enthusiasm for his activities which he always deems spectacular…and they are. I hope he never worries about his audience and just keeps building and inventing, because the audience isn’t creating anything.

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