Mystic, CT

Had dinner in Mystic, CT last night and really loved the town. You’re surrounded by water, I had to make a K turn at one point and didn’t realize I was backing into a boat launch at high tide and I’m sure my rear tires kissed the water. The town was all lit up with festive lights and they have a drawbridge that brings the town together as a centerpiece. The shops, restaurants, and bars all have a laid back but formal feel, it isn’t a total parrothead retreat like the Florida Keys, but far from stuffy. They have a ton of musuems and from what people tell me, a top tier aquarium, I think I’ll be heading back there this summer with my family, especially it is only 4 hours away.

I was driving home from Mystic this morning and getting gas in New Jersey, they fill up your tank for you. I make this mistake often, instead of pushing the gas cap lever forward to open the gas cap, I pull it back and it pops my trunk. This mistake always provokes the same reaction, the gas attendant looks at me with disgust and says “Not the trunk! The gas cap!”

I think I’ve nearly wrapped up my holiday shopping, I still need something for Dalia, but all she really wants to do is run around acting like a monster with rabies, monsters with rabies are very difficult to shop for.

Winston has become addicted to the ipad. When I wake up in the morning he’s waiting for me to open my eyes so he can ask “Can I play Angry Birds on the iPad?”

That’s the briefing for now, but you should check out Mystic, CT, you won’t be disappointed.

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