Winston did something last night that made me very happy, I asked him where we watched the fireworks this summer and he replied, “On the bridge.” For the first 5 years, we’ve poured a lot of activities, places, tastes, and sounds into the kids and it is exciting to know that they’re now going to remember some of them. We were watching a show called Redneck Rocket Scientists (or something along those lines) and it is all about a rocket scientist from Alabama who makes crazy stuff from junk yards and spare parts. In this episode they made homemade fireworks and rockets, Jaclyn was visibly uncomfortable as she could see the wheels turning in the heads of Winston and I. I have agreed to make a rocket with Winston. Perhaps in the January time frame, updates to come.

I had the opportunity to take in a Flyers game on Saturday. Flyers won 5-3.. Hockey is an incredible game to watch in person, the sounds are brilliant and the pace of the game is frenetic, despite all that, I still would take sitting in a baseball game on a summer day anytime.

We’ve been invited to several New Years parties, but I talked to Jac and convinced her to see if we can get the kids to stay up late and try to do a kid appropriate celebration at our house. I think they’ll probably fall asleep around 10:30PM, but we’ll see.

This is my last full work week of the year, then I work 2 days next week and have the last week completely off. It has been a good year for me and look forward to looking back on 2011 in my annual year in review post.

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