Favorite Pics of 2011

Here are my favorite pics from 2011.  The first is Winston sprinting by the Washington Monument (before the earthquake cracked it!)

Jac and I in Colorado, having an incredible time ATVing up some mountains

Here’s Winston making his angry face, it is very apparent when he’s disgruntled

Here’s Dalia and I on a fishing trip to Lake Nockamixon

Here’s an image that sums up how things have changed in my life with the introduction of kids

Here’s the magnificent Jockey’s Ridge

Again, Lake Nockamixon as a backdrop for me and my beautiful wife

Hurricane Irene gave us a good scare, here’s the road in front of our home, didn’t make into our house.  Our neighbors weren’t so lucky

Dalia with an enormous soda at Dorney Park

Winston and I on a crabbing trip

The kids and I at Bushkill Falls

Check out the bump on Winston’s head.  That is from him diving inside the log flume into the front area where you put your legs, seconds before impact with the basin.

This girl is totally unique and I hope she never loses it!

Lots of good times this year, we’re a lucky family that stuffs a ton into every month, week, day, and minute.  It leaves tired, but thankful and content.  Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

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