What A Year – 2011 Edition

The annual tradition continues, RKDeem & the Report live another year. 

  1. Yogurt isn’t too bad, especially for breakfast.

  2. Champagne’s better when it’s cheap, you can enjoy it with vigor.  Buckingham Vineyard makes a good bottle for $12.

  3. The best people at work are just decisive and take the responsibility that comes with it.

  4. If you’re ever in Florida, get on an airboat, defines adventure.

  5. Take care and extra precaution with large fireworks.

  6. You’re probably better off avoiding Colfax Avenue in Denver.

  7. I finished with the Bulldogs this year, it was a heck of a run.

  8. ATVs are freaking awesome.

  9. Winston is starting to ask some tough questions, “why’s the Earth round?” and “how do the stars stay up in the sky?”  He asked me if he’s going to die someday too, he’s a deep kid.

  10. One of my favorite meals this year was a hot dog joint in Kitty Hawk, NC called Captain Franks.  If you ever find yourself in Kitty Hawk, don’t miss it.

  11. I was playing Call of Duty on the Xbox at 6:30AM one day and Winston came down in his pajamas, he asked if he could have the iPad to play Angry Birds.  I nearly blurted out that it was way too early to be playing video games, but bit my tongue when I remembered what I was doing.

  12. I have geeked out on cheese this year, my two favorites are Jarlsberg Swiss Lite and Beemsters Farmer’s Choice.  I’ll also take any ol’ goat cheese with honey or dried cranberries on it.

  13. Thank God our house made it through the year unscathed, the neighbors to our left got flooded badly and the neighbor to the right had a tree nearly smash their house (saved by a basketball hoop).  Thank you, thank you, thank you for sparing us this year!

  14. Glad I won that award at work this year, I’ve eased up on myself a tiny bit.  I used to work like crazy to finish everything everyday, I’d also to respond to everything at anytime, just to prove I was on top of it all.  I am still on top of it all, but now am more willing to prioritize, which is important with me taking on many more responsibilities.

  15. Read a lot of books about Wall Street this year, I’d love for my kids to make millions of dollars, but would be disappointed if they ended up in that industry.  Disgraceful way to make a living.

  16. I always said I’d be a fair and low key father with my kids, I would just work hard to rationalize with them.  I am sorry to report that rationalization does not work with children, fear and loud noises seem to work best.

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