Where I Thought They’d Be

Had a great weekend filled with local adventures. On Saturday, I parked the car in an apartment complex near the woods behind Font Hill. I told the kids that they had to navigate through the woods to find the enchanted castle where mom & dad got married. They got pretty into it and Winston even asked a couple of strangers to point him in the direction of the castle. Winston led us through the woods and Dalia was more content taking in the scenery. When Winston saw the castle, he ran out of the woods and saw two kids having a sword fight with another kid filming it. Winston thought it was awesome and ran full speed towards it, I screamed for him to stop and he finally slowed down, but I’m pretty sure we ruined the take.

After walking around Font Hill for awhile and reminiscing about our wedding, we headed back into the woods to get back to our car. Jaclyn saw a weird cave-like opening under a big piece of concrete and we thought it would be inhabited by an animal. Winston got closer, poked his head inside, and said it was awesome and wanted to get in. Before he could, Jaclyn took a look and saw several blankets and empty soda cans. Jac grabbed Winston’s wrist and yanked him back to the trail and encouuraged us to move on. I guess Winston thought it was an awesome fort, not the home of someone homeless.

On Sunday, we walked from Bulls Island park across the walking bridge and headed to the Lumberville General Store for some hot chocolate. I told the kids a couple times to hold off on taking a sip, but they each took a big gulp as we sat on a bench outside and in unison spit it out crying of burned mouths. Afterwards, we drove through Frenchtown and it looked wonderful, a complete recovery. I’m dying to eat at The National again. I pulled the car into the apartment complex where we used to live, it really brings back so many memories, that’s where life began…literally.

I have to make a quick trip to Garden Grove, California. I have a rental car and think I might make a side trip out there since I’ll have a little time Wednesday afternoon. Just need to figure out what would be a good use of that time. Otherwise, things are calming down, I feel like life is entering a new phase, like things are where I thought they’d be, where I used to be trying to get to where I am now.

San Diego Freaks

As my meeting was wrapping up in San Diego, I discreetly pulled out my cell phone and sent a text to San Diego Dave suggesting we catch the Broncos vs. Patriots game.  Dave’s a great friend and grabbed a cab to meet me at the hotel.  It seemed late to me, but it was only 5PM Pacific time.  The game quickly became out of hand and we popped in and out of bars trying to find something more entertaining.  We found a place called Maloney’s, they asked for my ID and then ran it through a machine that took a picture of it.  Dave asked why they took pictures of our picture IDs and the bouncer calmly explained it was a precaution in the event we went crazy and busted up the place, he could give the picture of our picture ID to authorities to track us down.  A bar with this kind of protocol in place must get crazy, it seemed encouraging.  

I had to pee, so I stopped at the restroom before getting to the main bar area.  Dave proceeded ahead and secured a spot at the bar for us to sit.  The bar had about 250 open bar stools, I can’t even remember anyone in the entire place other than the bartender and an old guy with what appeared to be a tattoo on his face.  I emerged from the bathroom to find Dave sitting next to the old man with the tattooed face.  

Dave and I caught up and made conversation with the tattooed gentleman, but he was really difficult to understand, I think the only thing he said that was remotely coherent was that he was an “angel who came down to planet earth every hundred years to make love to a woman.”  I asked his name and I think he said “Armageddon”. 

We spent at least an hour in the place before we had enough of Armageddon, we found a dance club that was vacant.  It still looked cool, so I made Dave take a picture of me dancing.  Dave was an excellent guide of the super cool gaslamp district and it was a good thing we weren’t aiming to fit in, as most of the fellow patrons were really cool people who weren’t enthusiastic of our presence.  They just aren’t cut out for me and Dave. 

Fancy Cheese

I’ve been traveling a lot again and works just plain ol’ busy. A couple regulatory advisors from KC were in town yesterday and they wanted to do dinner, with all my obligations, I declined. Later in the day, they modified their proposal limited to a brief happy hour as Chickie & Pete’s…that I could do, I’ll stop in and see the crew from KC, shake some hands and be out of there by 6PM, Jac will never even know I was there.

At around 5:30PM, I’m drinking a Miller Lite and picking at some Crab Fries when my cell rings. Uh oh! It’s Jaclyn. I pick up the phone and answer, “Hello?” Meanwhile, the bar sounds of shifting chairs, AC/DC, and hollering waitresses reverberates in the background. A long silent pause on the other end with the sounds of Chickie & Pete’s bouncing around echoing back from my phone into my ear, reassuring me that my location has been exposed. She asks, “Where are you?”

I had a feeling she would ask that.

Ultimately, it was communicated that RKDeem could have played this differently to achieve greater matrimonial harmony, but it was forgiven and I was given a list of grocery items to secure before I returned home. At Wegman’s, I decided to make things up to my wonderful wife. We have a cold bottle of champagne in the fridge, I can just pick up some fancy cheese and crackers and she’ll return to a state of bliss. I bypass the old standby cheeses and head for the counter with the built in cheese case with the extra special cheeses, I see a package that looks extra special, buy it, and look forward to winning over my lady’s affection.

When I return home with the requested groceries, I manage to keep the cheese a surprise as we try to get the kids to sleep. As Jac reads one last story to Dalia, I sneak downstairs and begin putting my little champagne and cheese tray together. As I open the fancy cheese, it fills the kitchen up with a vulgar potent smell, something like a dead Walleye on the banks of Lake Nockamixon, or a Taco Bell bathroom, my mind races to quickly reconcile the vile smell with the premium price, concluded that it needs to air out.

Jac comes downstairs into the kitchen, momentarily gags and asks what smells like stinky feet? I show her the fancy cheese (my token of amor) and explain it needs to air out a bit, but it will be excellent (it’s fancy). Dalia wanders downstairs, curious of the commotion, and I offer her a whiff, she starts to repetitively dry heave, over and over. Finally Jaclyn walks our girl out of the kitchen and gives her water to clear the olfactories.

In the spirit of romance, I suggested we watch Moneyball, I had read the book and really loved it (who wouldn’t love a movie about baseball statistics while eating fancy cheese?). She agreed and we snuggled on the couch, drinking champagne, nibbling on cheese (she stuck with cheddar), and finally relaxed with each other.