Guns vs Literature

Isn’t it amazing that books have been banned, but guns are something
everyone is entitled to?

2 thoughts on “Guns vs Literature

  1. Given a choice I like the fact you have a choice to own or not to own a gun. It’s in our constitution as the right to bear arms. As for what goes on in our cities if they didn’t use guns it would be knives. So I guess they could ban us from being able to own sharp knives. As far as books go I would think that you could buy any book you wanted on the internet. For those folks living elsewhere outside of Bucks County, I’m thinking having a gun is part of being a responsible parent and husband. I mean like hiking in the wilderness and you need to defend the kids from something. If I ever make to Alaska on our own you better believe I’ll be packing some heat and a GUN/S. I’ve got to much invested in your mother to let a grizzly bear have her for lunch.


  2. I’m not against books or guns. I didn’t mean any slight towards guns, just impressed how much power books have been perceived as having.


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