Potty Mouth

Dalia’s testing my patience with the whole potty training. If I ask her where she should pee or poop, she answers, “In the potty”. Unfortunately, her knowledge of the theory does not come into actual practice and she instead goes in her diaper and then hides from me because she knows I will be annoyed. It is funny how things are so relative, I am not terribly annoyed that I have to change a diaper, I am annoyed because she knows she should go in the toilet, but chooses not to. When I confront her on this issue, she yells at me, “I AM NOT NAUGHTY!” Dalia, you are not naughty, but please work with me on the bathroom thing.

Winston poses his own challenges, his new thing is that he refuses to flush the toilet after pooping, he wants to share his good work with the rest of us…I had a roommate in college who did the same thing, hopefully we can break this habit for Winston before he gets to college.

On a separate topic, I was thinking athletes who always point to the sky when they get a single in baseball, or get a first down in football, to thank the God up above. I think it is BS that athletes are the only people who get to do this, I think parents or corporate folk should get in on this action. When I am presenting to our sales force, after showing a really cool graph on powerpoint, I will do the point into the sky, maybe blow a kiss in that direction too. Or, when Dalia has a dirty diaper at Target and I put a new diaper on her on the changing table, I will point up to the sky and then do the Sign of the Cross on myself.

Going Out With A Bang

“Among her last wishes was to have her cremated ashes mixed with fireworks and then skyrocketed over the New Jersey-Pennsylvania border this Independence Day.”

The above line is from an article I read today about a 31 year old woman who was a quadriplegic. Well, she wasn’t a quadriplegic when she was 25, she broke her neck in a terrible swimming pool accident. Goodness gracious, I sometimes wish I was the one in a million person who won the lottery, but sometimes I need to remember that it is just as good not to be the one in a million person who breaks their neck in a swimming pool. She starved herself to death.

Things are off to a good start in 2012. We’ve had a spare TV sitting on the floor in my office, not doing anything for the year we’ve lived in our home. I mounted it to the wall and hooked up a DVD player to it and it looks good. I forget to check if it was level until I hung it up and it miraculously ended up being level! We also put a futon in the room, it is the cool place to hang out now. Jaclyn caulked the upstairs bath tub. I called an electrician, but he’s in the hospital, he hopes to recover in a week or two, so we’ll wait to he recuperates before we begin that work. And finally, what I am most excited for is we’re having our chimney sweeped! We’ve lived in the home for over a year and haven’t used the fireplace once because we’re afraid it might be clogged up with dead animals or whatever a chimner sweeper sweeps. Keep your fingers crossed that he doesn’t point out some structural deficiency that results in an enormous estimate for repair.

Jaclyn made me go through all my “important files” that I had in our filing cabinet from two years ago. All my files that were important two years ago were not important today, I threw them all away.

Work is going great, really thankful to work at a good company.

Can’t wait to see some fireworks over the Delaware River this summer, I’ll be thankful for what I have.

Dolls & Action Figures

The old catch 22 of blogging has hit me recently, “When you have nothing going on, you have plenty of time to blog, but nothing to write about, when you have tons going on and lots to write about, you have no time to blog.” I have been in the latter category recently, with a trip out to Garden Grove, California and cramming in lots of time with my family when I’m home from work.

Garden Grove, California is very close to Anaheim and Disney Land is in Anaheim. Disney Land is in a really strange area because Walt Disney didn’t buy up all the surrounding property and it ended up being developed by lots of Mexican run establishments like the Zapaterias, Dentistos, and Bodegas. It’s a lot like Bustleton Pike or Street Road with a giant amusement park in the middle of it. I’ve heard that this pissed off Walt Disney and when was looking for places to build Disney World, he ended up created tons of fake companies to buy up land in Orlando, so he could get it cheap and not alert other retailers to drive up the land value. I ended up being very busy with the photoshoot and lots of meetings on East Coast time, so I was getting up at 4AM each day to be on conference calls and WebExs, which left me too tired to do much in the evenings. One night we did sneak out to a place called Maki Yaki (sushi) and we ordered up tons of food. I think there were 15 of us and each of ordered appetizers and two or three rolls. The table was completely covered with food and the restaurant owner was thrilled with his good fortune. He came over with bottles of this apple flavored liquor and told us it was on the house. He also told us that he’d bang a gong if we all did a shot of it at once. It was irresistable, we all filled little shot glasses of the apple concoction and poured it down the hatch…GONG!!!! The next day I was sick, I think I ate a bad sea scallop. I ordered a sea scallop roll, had one, and couldn’t eat anymore for the night, immediate negative reaction. I’d go back though, it was a good time.

Whenever I am in hotels, I am always excited to see what is on HBO, I ended up watching a movie called Fast Food Nation, which I’m guessing was produced solely make someone sick as hell after seeing a McDonalds. The final 5 minutes of the movie show how a live cow enters a slaughterhouse, gets shot in the head with the crazy device from “No Country For Old Men”, then gets lifted upside down, sliced open, etc. etc. etc. It goes on for 5 minutes and it would make a normal person sick or possibly a vegetarian. For me, it just confirmed I like meat, as sick as it is, I love meat. I watched a documentary about how hot dogs were made on PBS once, that nearly made me throw up, but I think I ate a hot dog a day later just to get over it.

Dalia’s hair is finally growing out, she is really quite fond of her hair and idolizes Rapunzel. Dalia asked that I play dolls with her on Sunday, we played for about an hour. All our dolls ended up going to a big ball and danced. Could women and men be wired more differently, I don’t think so. I mean women just love the things men dislike, dancing, getting dressed up, and formal events. If men had dolls, they’d sit on couches in sweat pants, with pizza and video games. I guess men have action figures, so they kick ass. We either like to lounge or kick ass.

I did a Spring music upload and grabbed a bunch of music I’ve been wanting for months from iTunes, including Beethoven’s ninth symphony (ode to joy). I listed to ode to joy while assembling a futon, very triumphant…kick ass!