Going Out With A Bang

“Among her last wishes was to have her cremated ashes mixed with fireworks and then skyrocketed over the New Jersey-Pennsylvania border this Independence Day.”

The above line is from an article I read today about a 31 year old woman who was a quadriplegic. Well, she wasn’t a quadriplegic when she was 25, she broke her neck in a terrible swimming pool accident. Goodness gracious, I sometimes wish I was the one in a million person who won the lottery, but sometimes I need to remember that it is just as good not to be the one in a million person who breaks their neck in a swimming pool. She starved herself to death.

Things are off to a good start in 2012. We’ve had a spare TV sitting on the floor in my office, not doing anything for the year we’ve lived in our home. I mounted it to the wall and hooked up a DVD player to it and it looks good. I forget to check if it was level until I hung it up and it miraculously ended up being level! We also put a futon in the room, it is the cool place to hang out now. Jaclyn caulked the upstairs bath tub. I called an electrician, but he’s in the hospital, he hopes to recover in a week or two, so we’ll wait to he recuperates before we begin that work. And finally, what I am most excited for is we’re having our chimney sweeped! We’ve lived in the home for over a year and haven’t used the fireplace once because we’re afraid it might be clogged up with dead animals or whatever a chimner sweeper sweeps. Keep your fingers crossed that he doesn’t point out some structural deficiency that results in an enormous estimate for repair.

Jaclyn made me go through all my “important files” that I had in our filing cabinet from two years ago. All my files that were important two years ago were not important today, I threw them all away.

Work is going great, really thankful to work at a good company.

Can’t wait to see some fireworks over the Delaware River this summer, I’ll be thankful for what I have.

One thought on “Going Out With A Bang

  1. Seeing the fireworks over 4th of July weekend last summer was one of my favorite memories. Can’t wait to do it again. Once your fire place is up and running we should all go for walks through the woods grabbing fire wood!


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