Potty Mouth

Dalia’s testing my patience with the whole potty training. If I ask her where she should pee or poop, she answers, “In the potty”. Unfortunately, her knowledge of the theory does not come into actual practice and she instead goes in her diaper and then hides from me because she knows I will be annoyed. It is funny how things are so relative, I am not terribly annoyed that I have to change a diaper, I am annoyed because she knows she should go in the toilet, but chooses not to. When I confront her on this issue, she yells at me, “I AM NOT NAUGHTY!” Dalia, you are not naughty, but please work with me on the bathroom thing.

Winston poses his own challenges, his new thing is that he refuses to flush the toilet after pooping, he wants to share his good work with the rest of us…I had a roommate in college who did the same thing, hopefully we can break this habit for Winston before he gets to college.

On a separate topic, I was thinking athletes who always point to the sky when they get a single in baseball, or get a first down in football, to thank the God up above. I think it is BS that athletes are the only people who get to do this, I think parents or corporate folk should get in on this action. When I am presenting to our sales force, after showing a really cool graph on powerpoint, I will do the point into the sky, maybe blow a kiss in that direction too. Or, when Dalia has a dirty diaper at Target and I put a new diaper on her on the changing table, I will point up to the sky and then do the Sign of the Cross on myself.

2 thoughts on “Potty Mouth

  1. I would think he would want wash his hands after he gets done with filing the download. I’d be careful with this whole potty training thing you can do serious psychological damage. Tell Winston if he keeps doing that you going to put the load onto Thomas the Train. If you chew on a Tootsie Roll awhile and do a little modeling you could trick him pretty easily.F.F.


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