Birth Control, You Don’t Have To Use It

This whole political circus around religous institutions being required to have birth control on their health plans is ludicrous. First of all, I haven’t heard one freaking religous institution complain about having birth control on a health plan. Two, if the religious institutions and their members hate birth control so much, just don’t freaking use it. The health care law doesn’t mandate that we all start taking birth control, just don’t freaking use it if you hate it so much. Three, if you’re concerned about paying for something that you’re not going to use, get used to it, that’s what insurance is. I don’t think I’ve seen a doctor or crashed my car in ten years, it didn’t stop me from paying insurance.

This is dumb, move on with your lives.

I have a friend from high school who’s now very religous and he’s always posting anti-abortion stuff on Facebook and it is pretty frightening. I wish that the conversation wasn’t if it should be legal or illegal, and the conversation became, “how can we lower it by 10% over the next decade?” That’s something Democrats and Republicans could unite behind…unless the solution was more access to birth control!

I’m off to Orlando tomorrow. It is sort of a depressing flight because everyone else is usually with their families and they are all so excited to be going to Disney and I’m leaving my family to do work over a weekend. I think the kids and I will pick up a couple games from Target tonight and we’ll cram in some last minute fun before I have to leave.

I had to go to Winston’s school the other day because he is the Star of the Week! Winston and I schemed to put together a book of pictures showing Winston doing adventurous and exciting activities. The whole goal was to bump up Winston’s street cred with his classmates, I think we can say “Mission Accomplished”. My favorite picture is of Winston going down a water slide, you can tell he’s terrified, trying to grasp the sides of the slide to slow his descent, but it wasn’t happening, there was an expression of total panic on his face, I told the class that he loves stuff like this, he eats fear for breakfast (which is exactly what I was saying to him when I forced him to go down the waterslide).

3 thoughts on “Birth Control, You Don’t Have To Use It

  1. I just laughed so hard reading Winston ‘eats fear for breakfast’. He is going to die when he reads this later in life. Seriously, so funny. I can picture his face, unable to lie, being extremely annoyed with you for upping his ‘street cred’. Love you & glad you got home safe from your Florida trip.


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