Back Pain

Oh my God, I messed up my back. I hate to check my luggage, just can’t stand waiting for it at baggage claim, so I always figure out a way to carry on my stuff. As I was packing for Orlando, I tried to stuff about 5 days of business attire (suits, sport coats, long pants, etc.) in a small duffel bag. Jaclyn watched me jam it into the little bag and told me I was nuts and should just check it in. She cited wrinkled clothing and an extremely heavy carry on bag as two reasons to check a bag. As usual, I ignored her good advice.

As I was going through the airport at Orlando on my way home tonight, I picked up my carry on back and felt something go haywire in my back. It was so painful I nearly fell and my vision blurred for a moment. It was just awful because I still needed to go through security, ride a train shuttle to my gate, then walk about half a mile to get to my gate. Each step was excruciating. I nearly fell over twice and took many breaks to catch my breath.. I am not sure why you run out of breath easily when you are in tons of pain, I was gasping for air. When I boarded the plane, it took all my strength to get the bag into the overhead compartment, I felt like an Olympian holding 400 pounds of weight over my head. My knees started to buckle, I shoved it in, and slid into my seat and breathed some more. 3 hours later when my plane landed, my back wasn’t hurting too bad until I tried to stand up. I immediately realized that I was going to have to let everyone else off the plane and figure this out once it was less crowded.

I was able to get some stability in my legs and then yank the bags out of overhead. I tried to put the shoulder strap on, but that was too much, I had to just drag my bags on the floor, it was pathetic.

As I exited the plane, I began to get anxious about the walk back to my car, which I estimated to be about a mile. I saw a disabled person getting pushed in a wheel chair and considered requesting one myself, then I thought about asking for the electric cart, but I figured I could manage. I used hand rails whenever they were available, pulling myself forward like the lady in the “I’ve Fallen But Can’t Get Up” commercials. I was being passed by elderly women and an airport employee ran into very hard as she was trying to pass me, I seriously almost started to cry.

Orlando was pretty cool, I spent a lot of time in the Peabody Hotel which has these ducks that march on a red carpet into this big sun room and then they climb into a majestic water fountain. I enjoyed the show and loved the ducks, but my favorite moment was when a 3 year old boy that just returned from the Disney theme park with a light saber, nearly managed to whack the duck with his light saber. The duck master stopped him just in the nick of time.

Happy to be home…for now.

2 thoughts on “Back Pain

  1. I’m sorry about your back. Back pain is the worst!!! Jaclyn taught me some awesome back stretches you should try once you’re feeling better. Also they make these cool little suitcases that have wheels on them!! They are pretty useful, especially for a seasoned travelor like yourself!Feel better!!!!!!


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