Something About Jac

My sister watched the kids for Jaclyn and I on Saturday night through Sunday afternoon. On Saturday night, Jaclyn and I went to a restaurant in Lambertville called Deanna’s. They make their own pasta on the premises and serve a bunch of other things too. In fact, the waitress read off more specials than there were items on the menu, it probably took her 10 minutes to go through all the specials. Jaclyn has a bad case of menu anxiety under normal circumstances, this threw her off completely. Jaclyn and the waitress discussed the specials at length, here’s a tidbit of the conversation:

Jaclyn: Could you remind of the special with the spinach?
Waitress: Umm…let me see (she checks through her lengthy cheat sheet of available specials), ah yes, the homemade spinach ravioli in a pinenut pesto cream sauce sprinkled with grated artisan cheese and that comes with the house salad featuring Deanna’s special vinaigrette and fresh baked bread.
Jaclyn: Hmmm…what about the special that had the chicken?
Waitress: Yes, the chicken special (desperately trying to locate it on the cheat sheet), ah yes, here it is, the chicken is sauteed with mushrooms in a Gorgonzola cream sauce and comes with the salad and bread.
Jaclyn: I don’t know, I can’t decide, what about that special with the sea bass, I saw someone order that and it looked delicious.
Waitress (also known as most patient person on earth): Yes, that is a Pacific Sea Bass that is…

The dinner was delicious and the best part was being with Jaclyn and catching up on everything, every day I think “I want to marry this woman, oh wait, I am married to her, this is great, I am lucky”

Afterwards we went to a party about the Hunger Games books, I did not know anything about Hunger Games, but they had beer, so it all worked out. Thanks Jay for a great party, we had a lot of fun.

On Sunday morning, Jaclyn and I woke to the most unfamiliar sound, complete silence. It was unbelievable how quiet the house was, we’ve never heard it so silent, it was blissful. We thought about the silence and concluded that we’d start craving the noises of the kids within a day or two and by the early afternoon we were anxious to see the kids.

Jac sewed a skirt for Dalia, I read the paper, we had my ipod on shuffle and heard great songs from all the weird corners of my music collection. The house felt great, it looked great, I said to Jac, “Look at how much progress we made, this house is nearly perfect.” Then I remembered that we need a new French door in the back, we also need to replace the windows, and half of our outlets don’t work so we need the electrician to come and fix them and install the garage door opener (which might as well go on a new garage door), and Jaclyn would love to have our kitchen updated with a new stove and cabinets, our bathroom is pretty tiny and we’d love to have a showed larger than a small phone booth, the hot water in the kids tub doesn’t last longer than 2 minutes, and our chimney needs a new liner installed or else are house will catch on fire. Okay, the house isn’t perfect yet, but it still feels perfect.

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