Back In San Fran

Right now I’m at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. San Francisco has a bunch of fancy old hotels, Washington DC has a bunch of old fancy hotels too. I don’t particularly like old fancy hotels, I’d much rather be in a new average hotel. The Fairmont is perched on top of an enormous hill and if I want to walk in any direction, I have to walk down a crazy steep hill. It is foggy and rainy here and I started to walk down one of the perilously steep hills and I kept thinking the soles of my shiny black shoes were going to lose their grip and I’d go slipping down the hill.

On my flight out here a woman was in the middle seat next to me with a tiny baby in her arms. She asked if I was willing to trade seats with her husband who was also in a middle seat across the aisle. I really considered it, but the two dudes on each side of him looked at me and I could tell they weren’t endorsing the idea. I told her that I didn’t want to squeeze the folks across the aisle and she seemed to understand. Somehow karma didn’t have the baby vomit all over me, it was a very long and uneventful flight.

Softball practice this Sunday. Jac didn’t really seem enthusiastic about me going to practice, but I told her that I’d get some exercise. She said, “You better not just stand around in the outfield zoning off.” She’s my biggest fan.

Boy, I struggle getting used to this Pacific time, it is 3:30PM and I could really use some dinner.

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