RKDeem Tackles The Big Issues

I say we bite the bullet and get rid of the penny. I was checking out inflation calculations and a dollar in 1913 is roughly the equivalent to $23 in present day currency, that means a penny then is roughly equivalent to today’s quarter. With that in mind, I say we rid nickels and dimes too.

The Intelligencer featured a big news article yesterday about a prostitute getting arrested in Doylestown yesterday. One thing I could never understand is how can prostitution be illegal, but pornography is legal. Is the only difference that is being recorded? If so, prostitutes should always carry cameras.

I went to Springfield, Massachusetts yesterday. Really enjoyed the radio on the trip, listened to a foreign broadcast out of NYC and they played music from everywhere, then listened to an alternative station in Connecticut, and finished up with some Boston sports talk radio (they are very concerned over the slow start of the Red Sox), on the way home, I got caught up on all the top 10 hits with the nightly countdown. I also listened to my CD teaching me French, I freaking struggle with that language, I was not meant to speak french. Can’t think of a reason for anyone to visit Springfield, Mass. Reminded me of Scranton, Pennsylvania…but instead of the optimism of college students sprinkled in, I saw a woman mercilessly beat her significant other than throw her keys at him.

Heading to Dallas next week, can’t wait for that week to be over.

We’re planning a birthday party for Jac & Laurie in late May (I think May 26th). Mark your calendars.

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