Dalia is now big into performing concerts for anyone willing to watch. She’ll most likely grab a spoon or spatula and come into the room saying “Ladies & Gentlemen, get ready for the concert!” The usually belts out the songs with her total lung capacity and her dance involves bending her knees repeatedly to make her pop up and down.

Our lawn definitely has the award for least grass coverage in our neighborhood. This weekend I raked up a bunch of the rock hard soil and put down grass seed, by the way, who knew grass seed was so expensive? Anyways, I poured all kinds of grass seed all over the yard on Sunday and woke up in a nervous panic on Monday as a heavy storm was rolling through, I pictured the seeds floating down to the Neshaminy Creek. Upon returning from work, I inspected the area and I think about 50% of the seeds are still there, but it showered again today, so maybe we’ll have about 25% left. Freaking grass. I also need to buy dirt at some point as I have various dips and holes in my yard…buying dirt, welcome to adulthood.

I am taking my first vacation day of 2012 on Friday, it will be the big Cuatro Del Mayo celebration!

The Deem family hit up Shad Fest last Saturday, Aunt Kate tagged along too. I think everyone had a real good time taking in all the people and stuff, we saw a woman walking a rooster on a leash, which just screams Lambertville.

Jaclyn gave me her birthday wish list, it is 11 things I didn’t know existed.

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