Who’s Putting The Cat In The Bag?

I love common expressions because they are things you say, everyone
agrees with what you said, but no one ever takes a second to think how
creepy the saying is. Cats have the craziest expressions about them,
they must have been going through some terrible times about 100 years
ago when these expressions were all gathering favor. A cat always
lands on his feet…maybe, but it is odd that this hypothesis was
tested enough for it to become a common saying. Who let the cat out of
the bag? Here’s a better question, who put the poor animal in the bag
in the first place. Perhaps people put them in a bag and swung them
violently into a big rock ten times because we all know 8 whacks
wouldn’t kill a creature with 9 lives. Why would you want to kill a
cat by putting it in a bag and bashing it into a rock ten times? That
answer is easy, to skin it of course! There are many ways to skin a
cat. They say curiosity killed the cat, but they never said who’s
curiosity, perhaps it was the person who was curious to see if it would
land on its feet, maybe the curiosity of a man wanting to find new ways
to skin a cat, or it could of been the man who simply put the cat into
the bag, but why in the world do you put a cat in a bag?

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