My goodness, our household is plagued with illness. For the past week, our sleep has been interrupted multiple times per night by the sounds of kids vomiting, crying, screams for water, and my favorite, requests to sleep in mom & dad’s bed. Now Jaclyn has the bug and I’m hoping that this is the final bout with illness until the winter.

Winston’s seen several doctors about his coughing, snoring, and vomiting and they’ve concluded that his tonsils have to go. In late July he’ll be heading into surgery and getting them removed. We asked the doctor about the recovery process and he said it would take about 2 weeks and it wouldn’t be pretty, it would be a rough period for all involved. Winston understands that this will help him and he’s very aware of his coughing, obstruction of breathing, and sleep apnea impacts his life, so he’s actually excited for the procedure as the means for remedy. He’s a smart kid, when the doctor explained that his tonsils were too big and were causing him problems, Winston asked, “How will we shrink them?”, the doctor said he’s going to take them out, Winston asked how is he going to take them out? The doctor didn’t really want to deal with this conversation and didn’t skirt around the issue, he said he’s going to cut them out. Winston seemed satisfied with the answer and has been pleaded with us to have the surgery sooner than late July.. This has to be one of the hardest decisions we’ve made as parents so far, there’s risk with the procedure and the procedure will result in an awful amount of pain for our son. But his sleeping is terrible, he often sounds like Darth Vadar when breathing, and when he runs hard it frequently results in vomiting, our hope is that this 2 week payment of pain will result in 95+ years of a healthier life for him.

I’ve noticed women wearing bigger and flashier watches lately, what’s up with that? I really think it is a warning sign for men, more men are stay at home dads, females are now more likely to graduate college, and more women are putting off children to rise higher in the workplace. I wonder what the inverse reaction for men would be, if women are wearing big flashy gold watches, I think the inverse thing for a man to do to acknowledge their new role would be to start wearing Mom jeans high up above their belly button. I say in ten years, there will be a rising popularity for male strip clubs for women and more men attending tupperware parties (anyone interested in starting one with me?).

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