Dalia was scooping up her bath water with her hand and drinking it, I caught the act from the corner of my eye and said, “Don’t drink that, you’ll get sick as a…dog.” I realized that this statement probably did not make much sense to her since she’s not acquainted with many sick dogs, the best I could do was talk about my father-in-law’s dog Belle. “You don’t want to end up like that sick, grumpy, old dog Belle, you better stop drinking that water.”

My work has moved to Frazer, PA, I have now made the commute for about a week and still have no idea where it is, I drive there and show up, but I have no point of reference. Every day I drive down the turnpike, get off onto 202 south and then get off on exit for 401, once off that exit, my building magically appears, I don’t see any other buildings, towns or anything, it just appears.

We went furniture shopping a couple weeks ago. Dalia needed a new bed and we desperately needed a new kitchen table (the old one wobbled like crazy any time you used a knife to cut something). I asked that Jaclyn handle the selections and discussions with the furniture people because I just don’t like talking to people. We went to two places and both times the sales people left Jaclyn to talk with me, I guess they assumed that I was the ultimate decider. That really annoys me because I really didn’t want to be involved and I truly had no idea what Jac was in the market for. I guess all the other women out there are completely incompetent and ruined it for Jaclyn.

I have started a war against telemarketers, we are on the do not call list and they still call us anyways. My favorite type of unsolicited call is when you pick up the phone and wait for 5 seconds and then someone comes on and says, “Don’t hang up!” The other day someone called and I quickly interrupted them to say, “Please take me off your call list.” They said, “Wait a second, who is this?” I responded, “It doesn’t matter who the $^@%! I am, just take this $(*&#+@ing number off your list.” Jaclyn looked up from her dinner and I could tell she was thinking “Oh boy, he’s had a bad day.”

Winston is now into Pokemon and imagines there’s Pokemons all over the backyard, he chases the imaginary creatures with his net, catches them, and puts them in the cooler. Dalia is now into catching frogs, well, I think she just catches the same frog over and over in the backyard, they call him Jumpy.

Last week I was in San Francisco and I think it was the 5th time I’ve been there, after the meeting concluded I had about 5 hours before my flight and I went to a restaurant that I really enjoy. It is cool being fairly familiar with all the major cities across the country, I can tell you about 50 great things to do in San Francisco, but I don’t even know if there’s a gas station in Frazer, PA.

I took the family to a Trenton Thunder game, $11 a ticket and we saw a great game, several varieties of entertainment between innings, and fireworks at the end, I think I am starting to like the minor leagues more than the majors. The Phillies sell out crowds are just too much to deal with, I should start going to 76ers games, they have about 57 people at their games.

Going to Palm Beach this week, I might just pack the swim trunks.

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