Face Time

Left work early Wednesday, haven’t been feeling my best and really wanted to see my family before I left for another work trip (maybe I ate too many hot dogs over Memorial Day). We left for Stockon, NJ and took the tow path into the woods. The kids chased butterflies and drew maps into the gravel with sticks, Winston scared a fawn and it hopped through the woods and leaped across the path and disappeared. Dalia moseys and Winston sprints ahead, Jac & I walk peacefully with one child 100 yards ahead and the other 100 yards behind. After walking down the path for a bit, we circled back, crossed the river on Centre Bridge and had dinner at Dilly’s. The kids topped it all off with swirl ice cream cones, Winston finished the entire thing.

The kids are starting to separate on a lot of issues now, Winston wants to watch Pokemon and Dalia wants to watch Barbie Fairy Princess, Dalia wants to catch frogs and Winston wants to play with the iPad, Winston wants peace and Dalia loves to roar. In the grand scheme, it is getting easier, we can now leave the kids unattended for 10 minutes without getting too concerned, they stay in our yard and don’t injure themselves as often.

I have been traveling way too much this year and despite sitting in a hotel room overlooking the turquoise Atlantic ocean in Palm Beach, Florida, it really sucks being away from the wife and kids so much. I think travel would be much nicer when the kids are in college and Jaclyn can join me everywhere, just 15 years away! I have to give Steve Jobs some props though, last night we were able to use a couple of our iPads to Facetime each other. Since iPads have built in cameras & microphones, Jaclyn and I were able to talk to each while looking at each other too. It isn’t perfect technology, the screen freezes every once in awhile due to intermittent internet disruptions, but it sure beats talking on the phone. In fact, I had several things to tell Jaclyn and the moment I saw her, my brain went to mush and I forgot what I wanted to say, she is a gorgeous woman. I piloted FaceTime at the house with Winston, he took an iPad to his room and I went downstairs and it was like modern day walkie talkies where you could see each other as you talked, after 7 seconds of excellent conversation with Winston, he ended the conversation by switching over to his favorite game Dragonvale.

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