5 Year Plan

I have begun the search for a new car for Jaclyn. I reallylucked out with Jaclyn, she’s smart, kind, and beautiful, she constantly worksout (she may be stronger than me now, yesterday she put a hutch on the top ofher car all by herself to take it to Goodwill), and she drives around in an oldHyundai that rattles like crazy, the AM radio doesn’t work, the screen to seethe time or radio station doesn’t work, it also has a big dent in theside. She’s never complained once about the car, in fact, she’s nevercomplained about anything and I am sure I give her plenty to complain about.She finally acknowledges that fact that the car has fallen on hard times (it’sover 10 years old) and we think its time to move on to a new vehicle.

I remember when Winston was born, we left the hospital in Flemington, NJ inJaclyn’s very tiny Hyundai Accent with Winston in a child seat in theback. The car was so small that I had the driver seat pushed as far backas it could go so it rested on the back seat and Jaclyn was in the passengerseat with the seat as far up as it could go so the car seat could fit behindit. We all looked fairly uncomfortable, riding 15 MPH back to our home inFrenchtown (I never drove so carefully in my life as I did with my child in thecar for the first time). About a week later we bought the Hyundai SantaFe and it continues to serve us well after 5 years and the addition of Dalia toour crew. I don’t think I thought much about why we bought the car orwhat we planned to do over the next 5 years when we purchased the Santa Fe, wejust needed something bigger so we could fit in it.

Jaclyn thinks we need a car that can fit the 4 of us (Jac, me, Win, and DD),plus room for a couple other kids that need a ride to and from school. Ithink it would be nice to have a trailer hitch, just in case, we someday get alittle boat for the river or Nockamixon. Over the next 5 years, Winstonand Dalia will be Elementary School students and I will reach the ripe age of38. These are my aspirations for the next 5 years:
1. Be able to eat at a restaurant and not worrying about mykids screaming, climbing over the booth divider into someone else’sbooth, food being thrown, screaming, or me ordering something that they donot eat.
2. A trip to Disney World/Florida Keys with the family.
3. To own a 17′ Carolina Skiff fishing boat
4. To get a promotion, maybe 2
5. Coach one of my kids in some sport
6. Visit New Orleans with Jaclyn
7. Win another championship in slow pitch softball
8. Take the kids hiking up Mount Minsi
9. See a Red Sox game at Fenway
10. Get a new back door for our house, new garage door, new shed,new refridgerator, bathroom updated
I think we’ll get about 6 of these, the first one will be the mostgratifying!
What kind of car should we look at?

One thought on “5 Year Plan

  1. Lev really wants me to get a Honda minivan when we have kids. I hope to never drive a minivan!I vote for a car in which I can fit comfortably in the backseat when I tag along on your family adventures!


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