I am sitting in the Greensboro, North Carolina airport right now, me
and about 3 other people. The security people were literally excited
to see someone. They were running a guys wallet through the x-ray
machine over and over, eventually they gave him his wallet back, I
think they were all just bored.

I stayed at the nicest hotel I’ve stayed in all year, the O’Henry
Hotel. I think I’ve stayed in about 40 hotels this year and this was
easily the nicest, the hotel was so nice I contemplated taking Jaclyn
there some time…until I asked the staff what there was to do in
Greensboro, which he replied, “basically nothing, I guess you could
watch the grasshoppers.”. Fortunately, I knew from the local paper that
the grasshoppers are the minor league baseball team of Greensboro,
otherwise, he would have made it sound like the most boring place on
earth. That should be Greensboro’s motto, The Most Boring Place On
Earth, people would come.

The hotel gives occupants a free breakfast, not some scrappy
continental breakfast, but a buffet of scrambled eggs, biscuits and
gravy, bacon, oatmeal, and fresh homemade pastries that were
incredible. The whole thing was free and their was a delightful
waitress who cleared the table and brought more water, but since the
breakfast was free and I didn’t use my credit card to pay for it, I had
to use the cash in pocket for tip, unfortunately, I only had $1, which
made me feel like a cheap bastard.

Otherwise, it was a good trip, but I think hotels need to offer little
ATM machine type things that dispense $1s and $5s, so you can have easy
access to tip money.
The hotel also offers free transportation to the airport, which I took
advantage of, but again, no cash! I doubt the folks at O’Henry want me
back anyways.

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