Jac & I have returned from Palm Beach, Florida. Did you miss us?

We stayed at a hotel called The Breakers, it isn’t a bad place to spend a week. The hotel has been on that piece of land for nearly 100 years and was built in a time when places actually had character, tons of painted ceilings and ornate details throughout, regardless of where we were, a view from the ocean seemed to be within site. The temperature was in the 80s and so was the water, it was a nice time to be in Florida.

In addition to walks on the beach and an occassional dip in the pool or ocean, we did a couple of interesting activities on our trip. We strolled down Worth Avenue where we saw numerous Bentleys, Masaratis, and Ferraris. I took Jaclyn canoing down a river and we literally paddled over an alligator.. We attempted to do some deep sea fishing, but Jaclyn ended up getting pretty sick so we headed in early. When we got back to marina, we saw a massive school or Amberjacks and little reef fish, we purchased some frozen prawns for $3 and fed them for about a half an hour, it was magnificent to watch the 10 pound Amberjacks come rushing out of the water and snap the shrimp from the surface. The amazing thing about the Amberjacks is that when you tossed the prawn about 10 feet off the dock, the fish would track the prawn fly through the air, like a wide receiver catching a bomb from Brett Farve, they’d always catch it the moment it hit the water.

The canoeing trip was incredible, it was like we were in a jungle. As we paddled along, I spotted what I thought to be an alligator, but I was in the way back of the canoe and Jaclyn was at the very front, I asked if she could see it, but she couldn’t. I told her I’d paddle her closer to get a better look. Long story short, I paddled us into a six foot gator and right before the canoe hit it, it sunk down a couple inches, allowed the canoe to pass over it, and then took off, causing the muddy bottom of the river to explode into a murky mess. Jaclyn screamed that the gator swam right under the boat, she grabbed the sides of the canoe for dear life and expressed her dissatisfaction in the proximity between us and the alligator. Another one of those moments in my life when I immediately regretted my previous actions (that book is starting to fill up!).

On the canoeing trip I saw an alligator gar, its a fish that resembles an alligator, it was probably four to five feet long and didn’t seemed at all concerned with our canoe.

It was great coming home and seeing the kids, they seem to expand their vocabulary every time I leave, their brains are growing at such a rapid pace.

Saturday was The Edman’s bachelor party, celebrated with the gang of friends who have known each other for over 20 years. Funny how many people you meet in life and how few you really get close to over time, it’s also funny to think how little we’ve changed, we’re the same as we were in third grade, and for that, it is amazing that any of us are either married or about to be.

On Sunday, I played softball and recovered until I mustered the strength to do a very easy activity, carp fishing in the Neshaminy Creek. I took the kids to one of my all time favorite spots, the peeing rock. It was a little cliff that California Dave and I would occassionally urinate from, it was about 30 feet from the water and below it, the water was pretty deep by Neshaminy Creek standards and it was typically occupied by carp. I took my family to the spot (no we didn’t pee off it), but I did manage to catch a 7 or 8 pound carp that fought furiously. The kids & Jaclyn were all impressed, felt like a pretty cool Dad (like a cat that brings a dead mouse to its owners doorstep).

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