Haunted Church

I remember driving around one of the many “gravity hills” around Bucks County as a teenager. We’d do all kinds of dumb things like drive out to a country road, put our cars in neutral, and wait for the car to lurch forward up the incline. I don’t recall any of the gravity hill experiments ever working, we tried turning off the headlights, turning off the radio, and summoning the gravity spirits to haul us forward. Despite the gravity always prevailing, the real fun of it was being nowhere, moon providing bits of light, the collective anxiety of teens desperate for some sort of signal, for me those signals were never in abundance.

One signal does stand out. There’s a place growing up that always did stir my heart with an inappropriate amount of fear. I had heard many stories and while none seemed at all rational or plausible, it still spooked me good and I treated the spot with a bit of caution. If you’re ever driving down 263, past Buckingham towards New Hope, you can make a right onto Holicong Road. That road takes you up Buckingham Mountain and its a narrow road with a couple twists that require two hands on the steering wheel, near the summit, there’s a tiny building that resembles a small church.

Growing up, I remember hearing it was a place where Satanic rituals took place, heard it was a stopping point for the Underground Railroad, and maybe out of irony, I heard it was a gathering place for the Ku Klutz Klan (I am not sure if that’s spelled right, but don’t feel like Googling them). I had a friend growing up named Jesse who said one night on a dare he walked up to the front door of the church and knocked, he said I light turned on and he saw an evil man and ran for his life. While the story is probably untrue, to this day, I would never have the guts to take the dare.

So I grew up fearing this crazy little place and to this date get nervous stealing a glimpse of it when I drive by, but I never really had a real reason to justify the concern, until now. The Intelligencer is running a series of articles (you can find them on PhillyBurbs.com, they started on Sunday, June 24) on a grisly murder that took place right outside the church. The woman was stabbed and gutted, left for dead, and found by a father and son in a pickup truck a day or two later, this was in 1977 and the case was never solved. It is really a chilling article and I have to tip my hat to the Intel, they’ve apparently been working on it for a year and it shows. As I read the article, I wonder if parents of kids who were born in the years after 1977, told their kids crazy stories about the place to discourage them from hanging out there without telling them the horrible event that actually happened. I wonder if there’s just a miasma about the place where you can just sense that a tragedy occurred there. Or maybe, it is just the perfect scene for a little haunted high jinx.

Whatever the case, I dare you to read the articles and I double dog dare you to knock on the church door at midnight.

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