I’m Crying Because I’m So Happy

Took the kids to a couple events this weekend that freaked them out pretty good. On Saturday, we ventured down to Blobfest in Phoenixville. Phoenixville is where the movie, The Blob, was first filmed. There is a scene where The Blob invaded a movie theater and all the patrons ran out of the movie theater screaming. Now, on an annual basis, people reenact the scene and run from the Phoenixville movie theater screaming. We didn’t see the people running from the theater, but on Saturday they blocked off the main street, had a great rockabilly band playing on the street and a costume contest with about 9 people going for the title. Jaclyn suggested that aspiring costume contest winners should compete at the Blobfest as competition was minimal. I am not sure who won, but I would have given my vote for best costume to the guy dressed as the Swamp Man. Its funny how scarey characters usually have the word “The’ before their name, I guess that could be cause for concern for The Edman.

In addition to the rock band and costume contests, there was a classic car show and lots of booths selling morbid paraphernalia. We didn’t buy anything other than an iced coffee. The kids were anxious to leave and couldn’t understand why we were at The Blobfest and why it was cause for celebration. Glad we saw the Blobfest, but Shadfest beats Blobfest any day.

On Sunday, we saw the movie Brave. Brave is a really intense movie with the main character’s mother turning into a giant and scary bear. Winston and Dalia were scared to death and both stated on several occasions that they wanted to go home. I made them rough it out (movie tickets are expensive!). At the movie’s conclusion, as the main character triumphed and was able to reverse the curse and get the bear turned back to her mother (a very powerful scene that had the many of the eyes in the audience misty), Winston shouted through his heavy crying, “I’M CRYING BECAUSE I’M SO HAPPY!” He had never experienced such emotion in his life and he shared it with the whole audience. Winston and Dalia both agreed that we shouldn’t turn Jaclyn into a bear.

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