Santa Fe Blues

My new commute to work stinks. Not only is it long, which is reason enough to not like it, but it is freaking expensive. I am filling up twice a week which comes to $400 a month + I spend $80 a month on EZ Pass. This new commute really hurts RKDeem’s pocketbook. My new ride, Jaclyn’s old Santa Fe is starting to have some issues. Yesterday, I left for work around 6:30AM, worked until 5PM, and then I had to take out some customers in Delaware to present new information about my product. I finally returned home around 10:30PM and I tried to open the door from the inside, like I have a million times before, but the door wouldn’t open. I tried again, still not opening, then I locked and unlocked the doors and still didn’t open. I was tired and anxious to get out, so I crawled over to the passenger seat, opened the passenger door, and slid out and went up to bed.

I woke up this morning, hopped into my car, and was getting ready to leave for work, but realized I left my bag inside, so I went to open the door and was reminded the handle didn’t work. I looked at the passenger seat and didn’t want to crawl over it again, so finally I realized I could roll down my window and open the door from the outside and let myself out. I was very excited that I found a quick and cheap solution to the inside handle not working and was heading to work. My friends have been making me all kinds of wonderful CDs and I decided to pop one in and listen to it on my long haul to Frazer. The CD went 99% into the CD player and then the CD player started clicking like crazy. The CD was too far in, there was nothing I could grab to pull it out, I was reminded by the situation periodically by the random clicking coming from the console.

As you could imagine, the commute is wearing me down, but the job is going well so I can’t complain too much. I am exploring a job opportunity within my current company where I would get a car, this will be key.

My friend Matt made a very cool laid back CD that I really enjoy. San Diego Dave made me numerous comedy CDs, but my favorite was Bill Burr, he made me laugh until I was convulsing, while stuck in a two hour traffic delay on the PA Turnpike.

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