Tonsils Out – Part 2

Winston left the doctor’s office in good spirits, but a bit out of it. He was anxious to eat popsicles and ice cream all day, he ate and drank like nothing had happened, the pain killers were working wonders.

Winston was instructed to take it easy during his recovery, movies and games on the iPad were acceptable as his tonsils healed. This is Winston’s dream regimen for recovery, he enjoys isolating himself and watching movies and playing video games, he could do that all day and that’s precisely what he’s doing. I’m more worried about gradually weaning him off the movies/video games than I am about the pain medicine (he hates the taste).

He needs to take the medicine every 4 hours, which means we have to set alarms in the middle of the night, wake him up, and give him his medicine, it’s going well, but can’t wait to close this chapter of our lives. I have taken for granted that we now get decent sleep each night and for the most part, Win and Dalia sleep through the night, it would be a shock to our system if we had another child and had to endure numerous sleepless nights again.. I tried to beat the system and wake up every 6 hours since he was not complaining of pain and was asleep anyways, when I woke him up 6 hours after his last dose, he expressed significant discomfort and was crying hysterically, I realized that I made a bad miscalculation at my son’s expense, not a good feeling for a Dad, the quickly reset the next alarm for 4 hours later.

We’re now 1 week after the surgery and he’s still in a decent amount of pain and the scabs are still large and appear sore. The doctor told us to expect 2 weeks of “heck on wheels”, but the first week wasn’t too bad and we’d expect the second week to be a little easier.

Thank you to all the friends and family that stopped by, it has been a pleasure to have so many visitors and your gifts for Winston definitely raised his spirits.

Dalia has been a real trooper throughout the process, she hates being cooped up inside and is the opposite of Winston, she needs to be outside running around and looking at bugs and racing across the yard trying to set new records. In general, she’s been very patient with him throughout the process and hasn’t complained about the attention he’s received.

Our family is ready for a vacation, I will have traveled for 4 consecutive weekends and it is taking a toll on all of us. Once we get past mid August, the fun should really begin.

8 thoughts on “Tonsils Out – Part 2

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