I had work in San Antonio last weekend. Hadn’t visited the city of San Antonio before and I was pleased to make the acquaintance. The city was unmistakeably Texas, but without the hubris. The River Walk is a Disneylandish canal that winds through the city with immaculate landscaping and hardscaping. I saw a couple of sunfish and carp in the canal, no people were fishing and no sight of bass. The River Walk was pleasant and made for a great stroll and provided hundreds of options for Mexican food, margaritas, and guacamole was ubiquitous. I went with a couple folks for dinner and someone asked for lemon slices, the waiter responded, “We don’t have lemons, there are no lemons in Mexico.” I thought about the waiter’s response, wondering why he said it, perhaps he was trying to give his Mexican restaurant some credibility by not carrying lemons, maybe he just wanted to provide a fun fact, but ultimately, the patron stated, “But, we’re not in Mexico, we’re in America and I really want a lemon.”

Once you get past the River Walk, you start seeing Texas radiate from the streets, the store front fonts, and architecture. A short walk from anywhere downtown is the Alamo. The Alamo has hundreds of years of history, occupied by a Spanish Mission, home to a historic battle, and later occupied by the US Army, but all I could think of was Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, when Pee Wee Herman asked “When are we going to see the basement of the Alamo?” I asked some of the people I was with if they’d ever seen that movie, but no one had (Author’s Note: not advisable to ask business clients if they are familiar with Pee Wee Herman movies as nothing too positive can come from it and the downside is you can be perceived as immature and odd to be celebrating his cinematic contributions). The Alamo is worth seeing, it is always better to experience history than to just read about it, but I think they could have done a better job of bringing the significance of the site to life. I even purchased the $6 audio tour to really get the full experience, in many cases the sites weren’t clearly identified and it was really just facts and not telling a story. One of my favorite sights was upon entering the Alamo, a fairly new sign was posted outside that said:

No Smoking
Remove Your Hats

I saw lots of cowboy hats in San Antonio, if I moved there, I’d have to own one. I’d also have to grow a mustache if I wanted to fit in. After walking about 5 miles around town and visiting the Alamo for an hour, I went to the movies and watched the latest Batman movie, which was AWESOME!!! Only downside was I kept on thinking someone was going to burst in and shoot me the entire time.

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