Bees & Family Support

I walked downstairs the other day and I see Winston standing in front of the TV, he looks up at me and says, “Well, this is awkward.” I looked at him wondering what he was talking about, I didn’t see anything that was awkward and just figured he didn’t know what the word meant. I asked, “What’s awkward, Winston?” He replied, “Well, I’m here watching My Little Pony with Dalia and you came down here and saw me.” That still has me laughing.

I had a softball game today, the kids came by during the last inning and I was about to hit. I told Winston and Dalia that I was about to bat and asked if they wanted to stay and watch, they said no and walked away. Its good to know that they’re my biggest fans. They’re support for my softball addiction is only paralleled by Jaclyn’s enthusiasm for my fantasy football team.

The Hyundai Santa Fe is driving me insane. It’s not water tight, when it rains, the floor mats get soaked and then the car smells like my old football locker. The door still doesn’t open from the inside, the radio stopped working, its a piece of junk, but still runs. Two weeks until I get a new car for work.

I discovered an underground bee hive this weekend while weed whacking, the bees weren’t thrilled with me accidentally smacking their hive and I was promptly stung. I could not stand for this and formulated a plan of attack. I grabbed a small cup of gasoline and threw it on the hole, I lit the gas and a plume of fire went into the air. It was about 12 feet from my neighbors car and she thought her car exploded, Jaclyn put the fire out with the fire extinguisher, while I dumped some water buckets on it. The bees were fine. Plan B was some ground up shells that is high in calcium, my Dad said it will do the trick. I dumped a crapload on the hole in the ground and it supremely agitated the bees, but didn’t cause them to pack up and move out. As the sun went down tonight, I went to plan C and sprayed a whole can of bee and wasp killer onto the nest. Fingers are crossed.