American Dream

They say that with hard work, anyone can achieve the American Dream. As I spend more time out of an office and in the real world, I see lots of people working their asses off and suspect they’d say that they aren’t living the “Dream”. America is the greatest country in the world, but I just think kids need to know that working hard is not the ticket to success. Now days you’ll need to go to college, find a cush desk job, and figure out how to squeeze money from the public.

Speaking of America being the greatest place in the world, I hate when folks say “Actually, America ranks 23rd in the world in reading and 1st in gun violence”. America is just a crappy place to live if you’re poor, where you are much more likely to drop out or get shot, when they do these rankings, they should figure out how to exclude the poor people from the calculations. America is awesome, especially if you’re dad is George W. Romney, this country’s score would be off the charts if we just focused on that demographic. America needs to stop all that welfare and healthcare stuff for poor people, it gives them too much incentive to stay in this country, we got to encourage them to just pick up and leave so my friends in Wall Street making million dollar bonuses don’t get taxed too much.

This weekend we put away all the patio furniture and prepared as best we can for a hurricane and flooding. I moved the cars up to a parking lot uphill to keep them from floating away, so let’s keep out fingers crossed and hope we stay dry over the next couple days.

Slowing Down

I went to Ikea last week to get a new desk for the home office.  My previous desk was beginning to crack down the middle from the weight of a printer and computer monitor, maybe also from our kids crawling on top of it to turn on the TV hanging on the wall. 

Jaclyn was ready to kill me last week because I was working really early and late last week getting used to my new position.  Now I feel caught up and think I’m going to start enjoying a work-life balance.  I need to figure out what I am going to do in the event that I have 1 or 2 hours to myself a couple of days a week, it’s almost impossible to fathom.  Here’s a couple of ideas:
1. Flag football league in Warminster
2. Weight lifting, I’ve been thinking of a little bench set + dumbbells in the garage.
3. Start teaching the kids how to play soccer

One day last week I had the opportunity to drive through Bloomsburg, PA for my job.  The town looks just the same from my college days and the students walking by looked the same as I remembered.  I was feeling a little curious, not sentimental, and passed by the old house I was evicted from.  The house was renovated and looked much better than when I inhabited the place. The only thing I thought was, I’m glad I got the heck out of this town.


28 Days – Lots To Cover + Lots of Politics

It’s been 28 days since I last blogged.  Let’s cover lots of ground with some quick hitters:

Arlen Specter died today, he was actually covered in the RKDeem Report in 2009, it was when he was defecting from the Republican Party and it’s not the nicest report:

We’re rapidly approaching the big presidential election between Obama and Romney.  These two candidates argue over the 1% of crap that separates them, but whoever is elected will not turn the country in a completely different direction. Here’s my thoughts on the election:

  • After 8 years with Bush in power, a lot of folks were embarrassed that we started a war with Iraq by mistake, the global sentiment seemed to be that the US wasn’t interested in partnering with our European allies and were making rash decisions filled with undesirable consequence. I think voters who wanted a more collaborative approach on global issues have gotten that with Obama (for better or worse)
  • The economy is bad.  If you’re cut spending, there will be fewer jobs and if you maintain spending the debt will rise.  Obama’s plan to tax the rich won’t solve it, Romney’s tax cuts won’t help balance the budget, the discussion needs to be broader & deeper, we’re letting these guys off the hook by allowing them to speak so broadly on such an important issue.
  • No matter who wins the election, no matter who you are, your life won’t change very much.  The gun owners were terrified about Obama winning the election, but several massacres later, just about any crazy person can own an AK-47.  Gays rejoiced when Obama won, but I don’t see tons of gays getting married around here.  Romney and Obama might steer the ship, but they get their coordinates from corporations, lobbyists, and Super PACs.

Okay, enough about politics.  The Deem family had a wonderful family vacation in the Outer Banks two weeks ago.  Winston mastered the art of boogie boarding and Dalia caught dozens of sand crabs.  We had to frisk Dalia as she returned from the beach to ensure she wasn’t smuggling creatures and critters back into the beach house.  In the mornings we saw dolphins swimming along the beach in front of our house as the sun rose, it is one of the most beautiful places on earth.  The kids absolutely loved when I captured a crab on the beach and it pinched my finger and wouldn’t let go.  The kids were screaming and I was patiently trying to remove it and nothing could shake it loose, finally, Winston tossed several handfuls of sand at it and it let go, but not before cutting my finger.  We took a charter boat out and caught several mahi mahi and wahoos, I believe wahoos are the fastest swimming fish in the ocean and can swim up to 60 MPH. 

I started my new job upon returning from vacation.  I had the pleasure of going to Hoboken, Jersey City, Paterson, Newark, and Morristown last week.  New Jersey is an amazing place, so many different flavors.  This week I’ll be heading out to Scranton and Williamsport, PA.  I’ve really enjoyed seeing all the different sites, especially after being cooped up in an office for the past 10 years.  Hopefully, the euphoria is long lived!

Jac and I are making final arrangements for our trip to Paris.  I was basically able to secure the hotel, flight, and rental car through frequent flier miles and points programs, very excited!  Our itinerary basically consists of bakeries, wine, park benches, and relaxing.  We’ll be staying at the W in Paris, I think it is called the W Opera.  Here’s the website, it looks pretty eccentric.

Okay, this post is long enough, we’ll catch up soon.