American Dream

They say that with hard work, anyone can achieve the American Dream. As I spend more time out of an office and in the real world, I see lots of people working their asses off and suspect they’d say that they aren’t living the “Dream”. America is the greatest country in the world, but I just think kids need to know that working hard is not the ticket to success. Now days you’ll need to go to college, find a cush desk job, and figure out how to squeeze money from the public.

Speaking of America being the greatest place in the world, I hate when folks say “Actually, America ranks 23rd in the world in reading and 1st in gun violence”. America is just a crappy place to live if you’re poor, where you are much more likely to drop out or get shot, when they do these rankings, they should figure out how to exclude the poor people from the calculations. America is awesome, especially if you’re dad is George W. Romney, this country’s score would be off the charts if we just focused on that demographic. America needs to stop all that welfare and healthcare stuff for poor people, it gives them too much incentive to stay in this country, we got to encourage them to just pick up and leave so my friends in Wall Street making million dollar bonuses don’t get taxed too much.

This weekend we put away all the patio furniture and prepared as best we can for a hurricane and flooding. I moved the cars up to a parking lot uphill to keep them from floating away, so let’s keep out fingers crossed and hope we stay dry over the next couple days.

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