Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy knocked out our power from Monday night to Sunday night, it was quite an experience. We went trick-or-treating around the powerless neighborhood on Halloween and people would come to the doors wrapped in blankets with the smell of booze on their breath and were so excited to see the exuberance of children dressed in costumes dancing excitedly for a piece of candy. Some folks didn’t have candy, they didn’t get it before the power went out and once the power was out, it was out for all the stores that are normally open 24 hours. For those without candy, we had a giant bag of treats and gave them something. I really never imagined that Wegmans would ever actually shut down, I mean that store is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year, I questioned why it even had locks on the door, now I know, Hurricanes. The funny thing is, the news kept saying to stock up on this and that and I really thought, that’s absurd, if things get dire, I can always go to a WaWa. But I have friends in upper NJ where the WaWa’s aren’t open and they can’t even fill up their gas tank and head somewhere where the power is on because the gas stations aren’t working (no power). I guess the lesson I learned is that I should take Hurricane preparations a little more seriously.

A giant tree fell from my neighbor’s yard into my front yard, my father came over and cut it up in giant chunks with his chainsaw. I need to get a chainsaw, but I can see myself getting out of control with preventive measures, its in my DNA. My father was always cutting down perfectly good trees in the backyard because the birds would eat the seeds and then poop on his car or something, then that tree had to go. If I had a chainsaw, I’d be cutting down all the trees around the house and Jaclyn would be watching out the window with the kids tucked away in the crawl space just praying my chainsaw would run out of gas. It is no wonder she took out a healthy life insurance policy out for me, I’d hate to see the Vegas odds on me prematurely dying with my over confidence to handle real man activities. As I watched my father casual dismantly a tree that must have weighed several tons, I wondered what in the world happened to me, I can’t fix a car, operate a chainsaw, and when I use gasoline to light a fire, it alarms the whole neighborhood. I think its my generation, we’re the indoor app generation, I don’t like it, at least I know how to go fishing. On a related note, I was driving on the Northeast extension yesterday near Hickory Run State Park and a dude pulled over in a pick up truck, hopped out of his car dressed in full camo with a giant bow & arrow and walked into the woods. As I drove by, I ducked down as I suspected he was going to shoot at me as I drove past him, it scared the crap out of me. Fortunately, no arrows flew in the direction of my Toyota Highlander.

Friday, Jac & I leave for Paris. I remember finding out that Jac was pregnant for the first time, that baby became an immediate priority and despite not being married, owning a home, or having much of a plan, I felt like soon enough, things would fall into place and everything would be dandy. Things will be dandy next week. Thanks to all who are helping out with the kids next week…and a very Happy Birthday to Dalia who turns 4 today.

2 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy

  1. They were two stinking crab apple trees, pretty in the spring but after that crab apples drop they become a yellow jacket infested war zone. Plus I left the sum bitches live until you out grew the playhouse I put up in the tree for you.(What a DAD?) If you care to check it we had no storm damage from trees after Sandy blew through. The rest of the east coast was decimated. Not Us. If they wanted all the trees to live they would not make chainsaws. The F.F. Defense Rests.F.F.


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