Howdy folks!

Just a brief check in from Paris. Yesterday, we got off the plane at
2AM eastern time, but it was about 8AM Paris time. As we grabbed our
bags and headed for our cabs, several gypsies asked if we needed a ride
for a price of 70 euros, I had read the cab should be 40 to 50 euros,
so declined. We had a pleasant cab ride into the city, checked our
bags, and walked miles around the city to get our bearings and kill
some time. I visited so many places that I had read about, it was
really amazing to see and touch it all. Jac and I managed a couple
hours of sleep in the plane, so we were exhausted by the time we
wandered up to the Notre Dame catherdral. A beautiful sanctuary in the
middle Paris, we found pews to sit on, rested our feet, and found it to
be the perfect terminus to the long pilgrimage.

I will write more later, but today we try to find Versailles.

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