Yesterday, Jac and I figured out the subway and took it to Versaille.
About seven stops into our ride, two portly older men jump onto our
train, just feet away from the two of us. The shorter guy had a small
instrument that resembled a saxophone, just a quarter of the normal
size, and the taller older older man had an accordion. Before I could
process their presence, the two of them launched into a raucous polka
performance. They played the heck out of those instruments at a volume
that seemed unimaginable, to get the crowd into it, they leaned in
within inches of you and slowed the tempo and built it back up to a
frenzy. I didn’t want much to do with it in the beginning, but in
hindsight, it really stuck with me as a memorable experience, but if
they ever tried that in Philadelphia, I am sure someone would stab them.

When the train arrived in Versaille, we walked a couple blocks to the
palace. Versaille is a place you need to see to believe, until seeing
Versaille, the most impressive buildings I’ve seen were the
Philadelphia Art Museum and Grand Central Station in NYC, Versaille is
like 100 of the Philadelphia Art Museums, it’s magnitude is outrageous.
The surrounding gates are all in gold, each room is filled from the
floor, all the way up to and including the ceiling with artwork. After
walking through just the central part of the palace, we decided to walk
through the gardens. When I think of gardens, I think of the
rectangular portion of lawn in my parent’s back yard where they grow
veggies, this was the size of a National Park completely manicured in
every inch. The trees were all squared off, you could putt a golf ball
40 yards on the neatly maintained grass, their were spectacular
fountains with elaborate scenes emerging from the water, there was a
giant canal the size of 70 football fields because Louis IV enjoyed
having boat parties, and there was so much room to get lost. In the
gardens, we always felt like we had the place to ourselves, like we
were Louis IV and Marie Antoinette.

After Versaille,we were taking the metro back towards the hotel and
realized a stop along the way was the Eiffel Tower. We decided to check
it out and see it up close. There were elevators you can take, but the
line for the stais was shorter, so we took the stairs. We literally
climbed up over 1,000 stairs to get to the second platform, once at the
second platform, you take an elevator to the very top. The line for
that second platform elevator was very long so we just stopped at the
second platform looking over the city of Paris. It started to get dark
so we returned to sea level via the stairs, my legs were spent so we
found a bench a block away to rest our legs on. We sat on the bench
facing the Eiffel Tower snuggling together to repel the chill from a
November night when all of the sudden the steel creation lit up and
sparkled all over with millions of flashes all over its body. I gave
Jac a kiss.

Jac was feeling really ambitious and decided to cram one more activity
in for the day, a burlesque show. I consider myself adequate as a
writer, but I am totally inadequate in describing the scene of the
program we watched at Le Lido. Let’s just keep it short by saying there
was beautiful women, hunky dudes, lots of dancing, and some silly and
death defying acts in between. Never have I seen such a show, it was
totally Paris. We caught a cab by the Arch De Triumph and called it a
night…right after I checked to see if the Eagles won.

3 thoughts on “Versaille

  1. It was a crazy, at times I felt like I was in a Magic Mike musical! Overall, there were more women than men and the men seemed to be used more as props, but to answer your question, I’d say neither.


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