Pictures From France

Jac and I are back home in the USA, but we still have a piece of France in our hearts.  Here are a couple of my favorite pics.

Jac & I first arriving in Paris.

Jac standing in front of Versaille

Jac admiring a very small portion of Versaille’s gardens

The town of Colmar, buildings from the 1400’s

Finding Jac is easier than finding Waldo with her red hat.  Eiffel Tower is bigger than I imagined, this is the left side of the base.

Here’s RKDeem in front of a cathedral in Strasbourg that was built in the 1200’s

Another shot of the town of Strasbourg, quaint, romantic, authentic, and you can even get around via canal

A bakery in a Mulhouse market

A gorgeous statue in front of the Louvre

RKDeem in along the canal of Strasbourg

Jac at a tiny vineyard in Monmarte

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