T Mobile – They Screwed Me

For those of you out there who are interested in learning how to lose a customer, pay close attention to T-Mobile.  I’ve been with T Mobile for over 5 years, they’ve been okay, occasionally they ripped me off for going over my limit on minutes or for the couple times Jaclyn had to use a phone in France, but for the most part, they were okay to me and I was good to them. 

Anyways, I needed a new phone and went to the T Mobile store. First of all, it took them over an hour to ring me up and get me activated.  Then they told me about this rebate I was eligible for some rebate and had me fill out all kinds of paperwork and attach pages of receipts. They also made me upgrade my minutes to be eligible (although I wanted unlimited minutes anyways because they rape you if you ever exceed you minutes allowed). 

I finally completed the process sent in all the required documents and wait for over a month to hear back. I get a letter in the mail that says they received my request, but “they cannot process as received, they said my phone was not activated in an authorized location per the terms and conditions of the rebate form for the offer.” WTF, I activated the phone in one of your effing stores and the store gave me the stupid rebate form!  Honestly, I would have bought the phone anyways, the rebate had no influence on my purchasing decision.  It just bugs the crap out of me that they totally dick you over for something so petty.  My time was worth more to me than the rebate and they’ll keep doing this BS if people don’t say anything. 

Please avoid T Mobile if you can, plus, they get a lot of dropped calls in Central Pennsylvania where my work phone through AT&T has perfect reception.