Place Des Victoires

One night in Paris, Jaclyn was feeling sick and stayed in the hotel room. I decided to wander. I walked for hours all around the city and at one point, emerged into the Place Des Victoires (pictured below). I thought it was a beautiful sight, the buildings curved around to nestle the magnificent stature centered. I briefly stopped and appreciated how far from home I was, how lovely Paris was at night, and then more practically, wondered where I was.
I decided it was time to walk back to the hotel and walked for another 30 minutes and once again emerged into the Place Des Victoires, this time I was facing the horse’s face. I walked another 15 minutes and walked right into the Place Des Victoires again, this time facing the horse’s behind.

This wasn’t the first time in my life that I was completely lost, but it was the first time I was so lost that I was just going in circles! Growing up, I saw episodes of Scooby Doo, where he and Shaggy got lost and walked by the same tree over and over again, but never thought that could happen in real life, until that moment, where every path I chose took me back to Place Des Victoires. I’ve been feeling like that night lately, but its not a bad thing. 

This weekend we’re heading up to Times Square and spending the night at the Westin

I inherited a ton records from Jim & spent last Sunday cleaning all the dust off them, the records sounded absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, Jac & Win developed a horrific cough after inhaling all the dust particles.  Its a small price to pay for some great sounding classic rock vinyl!

Punxatawney Phil Is A Fraud (pictures)

If this isn’t six more weeks of winter, I don’t know what is.

We’ve been extremely busy in the Deem household, every weekend has had some exciting activity and work’s been a little hectic too as I’m trying to learn the ins & outs of sales & management.  Every day I’m learning tons.

Last week Jac & I snuck out to see one of our favorite bands, The Wood Brothers. They played at a small concert venue in New Hope called Triumph Brewing. The show was outstanding and afterwards we picked up a record featuring them in concert, we got the Wood brothers to sign the record afterwards and I thought the whole experience was fantastic. The problem was, we didn’t have a record player. The next couple days, I did a ton of research exploring record players and realized it isn’t as simple as picking up a record player from Best Buy, plugging it in, and being ready to go. When you buy a record player you need amps, pre amps, receivers, speakers, speaker wires, component cables, etc. I picked up the cheapest setup I could find and now am subjecting my family to the tiny record collection of The Wood Brothers in Concert, Louis Armstrong in Concert, Iron & Wine, and the Arcade Fire. Please pass along any suggestions you have for me.

We got a puppy named Toby in December, he’s grown significantly since this picture:

Toby, the kids, and I are working on a trail in the woods across the street. It takes us to the Neshaminy Creek:

We renewed our membership to the aquarium, I love watching them feed the hippos:

I took the family to the hunting & fishing expo, Winston ended up getting locked in a bathroom stall which was a real stressful situation. Here’s Winston checking out a salmon:

Dalia looking at a stuffed boar:

We went to Ithaca to visit cousin Iona and the Fellmans (Dalia is upset with Iona in this picture):

We’ve received some snow & have had to bundle up the kids:

We’ve been busy, but we’re having fun!