Punxatawney Phil Is A Fraud (pictures)

If this isn’t six more weeks of winter, I don’t know what is.

We’ve been extremely busy in the Deem household, every weekend has had some exciting activity and work’s been a little hectic too as I’m trying to learn the ins & outs of sales & management.  Every day I’m learning tons.

Last week Jac & I snuck out to see one of our favorite bands, The Wood Brothers. They played at a small concert venue in New Hope called Triumph Brewing. The show was outstanding and afterwards we picked up a record featuring them in concert, we got the Wood brothers to sign the record afterwards and I thought the whole experience was fantastic. The problem was, we didn’t have a record player. The next couple days, I did a ton of research exploring record players and realized it isn’t as simple as picking up a record player from Best Buy, plugging it in, and being ready to go. When you buy a record player you need amps, pre amps, receivers, speakers, speaker wires, component cables, etc. I picked up the cheapest setup I could find and now am subjecting my family to the tiny record collection of The Wood Brothers in Concert, Louis Armstrong in Concert, Iron & Wine, and the Arcade Fire. Please pass along any suggestions you have for me.

We got a puppy named Toby in December, he’s grown significantly since this picture:

Toby, the kids, and I are working on a trail in the woods across the street. It takes us to the Neshaminy Creek:

We renewed our membership to the aquarium, I love watching them feed the hippos:

I took the family to the hunting & fishing expo, Winston ended up getting locked in a bathroom stall which was a real stressful situation. Here’s Winston checking out a salmon:

Dalia looking at a stuffed boar:

We went to Ithaca to visit cousin Iona and the Fellmans (Dalia is upset with Iona in this picture):

We’ve received some snow & have had to bundle up the kids:

We’ve been busy, but we’re having fun!

19 thoughts on “Punxatawney Phil Is A Fraud (pictures)

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