Date At The Emergency Room

Jaclyn and I had put the kids to bed on Friday night, we scanned NetFlix to find a movie and settled in for a peaceful evening. Halfway through the movie around 11PM, we heard a big “BUMP” upstairs, I ran up to find Dalia standing in the middle of the room crying hysterically. Blood was all over her nightgown, I picked her up and brought her into the brightest room of the house (the kitchen). Blood was all over Dalia and it was now on me too, I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from, I looked her all over and realized she had a bad cut on her ear. She must have fallen out of bed and hit the night stand or the frame of the bed. 

We quickly determined that the cut was significant enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room. We had to wake up Winston and the 4 of us traveled to the Doylestown Hospital for a nice date night. As always, they were wonderful to deal with and took great care of Dalia. They glued her ear back together, taped it up and sent us on our way.

Dalia is a pretty tough kid though, she hasn’t complained about it yet.

Winston is asking lots of crazy questions like “What is the week only had 5 days?”

Toby is now a full sized dog, but still wired like a puppy. Yesterday, Jaclyn was pulling weeds and Toby grabbed each discarded weed and shook it like crazy, I guess he could sense how much she disliked weeds, so he helped destroy them.

3 thoughts on “Date At The Emergency Room

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