We stopped by my parent’s house on Sunday and my parents had a blood pressure machine, as a fun activity, we decided to check my blood pressure. It was very high. As a result, I decided to begin exercising a bit, reducing caffeine, and eating better. I also scheduled a doctors appointment to check it out. When I went to the doctor, my blood pressure was much better, so I like to think that I fixed the problem in 1 week. I plan to continue living a healthier lifestyle, but that is always much easier said that done. 

Dalia has a big dance recital on Friday evening, she’s been practicing hard for it! I’m looking forward to witnessing the first performance of a Deem child. Dalia loves to sing, dance, and perform for us all the time, every time we think her song is about to end, she kicks it up again and belts out another verse, she doesn’t like her performances to end.

Winston lost a baby tooth this week, he was so excited to receive a visit from the tooth fairy. He placed the tooth in a zip lock bag, it was the size of a match head. He also drafted a note to the tooth fairy letting her know that he appreciated her work and thought she was pretty important…I guess he wanted to butter her up so he would receive adequate compensation for the discarded tooth. The tooth fairy left Winston 4 quarters.

I recently purchased the movie “Yellow Submarine” off Amazon for $8 and played it for the kids, as the movie started, I realized it was a lot more psychedelic than I remembered, it is a trippy cartoon, but the kids loved it! Winston in particular loves the song “Yellow Submarine” and “All Together Now”.

The back door of our house is finally getting replaced, it desperately needed to be done, but it was quite an expense because the French Doors were an unusual size. The door should be installed Monday! 


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