Feeling Like Summer

Today’s the first day that finally feels like summer. I’m working in my office but can hear the neighborhood kids along with Win & Dalia screaming and flying around on the slip n slide in the front yard. I took Toby for a walk today and after a mile or so, he just laid down and refused to move, he laid all the way down and panted like mad for about 5 minutes until I could finally coax him to come home.

Dalia’s dance recital was a big hit, she seemed a bit distracted and not really in tune with the rest of the dancers, but it didn’t matter, we all enjoyed her performance. Dalia breaks into loud songs all the time, on Sunday I was reading the paper and she sat next to me and boomed her improvised pop songs about animals and princesses.

Jac had a big birthday last week, she got a bathrobe, phillies shirt, an upholstery cleaner, and a couple diamond candles. Diamond candles have jewelry inside them, so when the candle melts you can hopefully find a valuable treasure. They should do something like that for guys, like a stromboli that has a fishing lure in the middle.

There’s an award given to students at Winston’s elementary school, I think it’s given out to someone in the class every month. I asked Winston if he ever intended on winning the award or making a serious effort to win it, here’s his response:

“I actually have a plan to win the award, there’s one kid in my class who used to cry every time he went to the library, one day he didn’t cry and everyone was happy and he won the award…so, I am just going to start crying every time I don’t want to do something and then when I stop, I’ll win the award.”

I looked across the table towards Jaclyn, all I could think was that it was a brilliant plan and had proven to be successful already, but I had to encourage him to take a higher road, I told him that it would be better to win the award by working hard or being helpful in his classroom. Still no award, I’m not holding my breath, but he knows how excited I’ll be if he wins.

Stay cool & drink lots of water, here comes the heat!

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