Holding Doors

Public service announcement: I am no longer holder doors open for longer than .5 second. I was walking to a doctor’s office today and an old man held the door open for me as I was halfway across the parking lot, if I continued to walk at my normal pace, he would have had to hold the door open for about 15 seconds with his goofy smile on his face. Since it was awkward to walk at the smiling man as he patiently held the door, I decided to pick myself into a jog to cut the time to the door. Honestly, it is pretty easy for me to open and close doors, I’d rather skip the jog and open the door myself.

If you see a healthy man or woman walking towards the door and they are greater than .5 seconds away, just let it shut, it will be okay. Here are candidates for opening a door:

– Elderly people

– Anyone in crutches, wheel chair, or walker

– Anyone pushing a baby stroller

– Little kids

I took a walk this evening and a green Ford Escort sped up around 70 mph and drove within 18 inches of me, honked its horn, and 3 teenage boys screamed out the window as they passed. No one else was on the road and I was completely off the road, it is a good thing I didn’t get my hands on those kids.

Later this week we’re off to Hershey for a business meeting, Jac and the kids will be tagging along, looking forward to relaxing with the family and spending some time in the pool.


The day after returning the dog, Samantha, to her owners, I was once again walking along Creek Road and encountered another lost animal. As I walked along a small paved path intended for golf carts, a large horse stood on the trail staring at me. As a MAN, I figured I could just walk up to the horse, grab it by the reins, and lead it back to the only farm on the road. However, as I approached the huge male animal it started to make hostile noises and successfully conveyed that I should keep my distance. The horse was directly in my way and I could not get around it, plus I figured he obviously did not belong there, so I decided to call the police. Within 3 minutes, 3 cop cars appeared and they managed to call up the farmer and get him on the scene too. The farmer and the cops went to the farm and I stood there staring at the horse, the farmer must of rattled a food bucket or something because the horse just returned home without much prodding or yelling.

Yesterday I took my family + Toby to Glen Onoko Falls near Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania. It is an intense trail which has a huge warning sign explaining that people have been severely injured and died on the trail. Thankfully, we all managed to survive the hike and I’ll have to post a couple pictures of Winston at the top of a large waterfall, he really exuded a sense of accomplishment. Toby is officially part mountain goat and had no trouble jumping up boulders and scaling the steep terrain. It is a beautiful, but challenging hike, if anyone ever wants to go, I’m happy to sherpa for you.

My diet/blood pressure activities are still going along nicely. I’m down a solid 20 pounds, but feel like I could benefit from further reduction. I enjoy my walks and eating healthier hasn’t been a hard sacrifice. I’ll try to post some pics later this week. 

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On Saturday I took the family to Crystal Cave. On the way, a giant snapping turtle was trying to cross the road and Jac got out to take a picture. She asked, “Should I help him cross the road?”, I responded, “Absolutely not, those things are terrifying”. I have always had a fear of snapping turtles since accidentally catching one as a kid in a farm pond while fishing. That turtle came out of the water hissing and ready for battle, I cut the line and dropped my pole and ran as fast as I could. Jac got a little closer to the jaywalking turtle and it slowly spun around and was ready to take her on, she decided it best to leave it alone.

We were about 5 minutes into the tour of Crystal Cave when Winston raised his hand and asked the guide an important question: What would happen if the cave collapsed? The group sort of snickered, but most people were pretty interested to hear the answer.

The teenage kid guiding us really stumbled through the answer and said something like: Uhhhh, it probably is very unlikely, unless there’s some sort of massive earthquake, which I’ll be discussing in more detail as we enter the next part of the tour.

The next part of the tour featured an enormous slate of rock the size of a Greyhound bus that fell diagonally as a result of an earthquake 500,000 years ago. I looked at Winston and he seemed apprehensive about the whole cave experience. 

Way down the cave about 25 minutes into the tour, the guide gave us the experience of what its like in a cave with the lights turned off. He hit a button and shut off all the lights in the cave, it was blacker than black, you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. Your eyes searched around desperately trying to find context, a kid jumped up in the air and activated his light up shoes, bring relief to all of us uncomfortable in the dark.

I’ve been waking up real early to take walks, Toby and I walk about 4.5 miles to the end of Creek Road. This morning I saw a dog sort of tied up in the woods barking at me at 6:15AM, I thought it weird that a dog was tied up in the middle of the woods, but figured he was there for a reason and kept walking. About 40 minutes later on my way home, the dog was still there so I decided to investigate. I climbed up a hill, pushed through some pricker bushes and approached the scared dog who’s leash was tangled in brush and she couldn’t escape. I called her owner on the phone. She’d been lost for 2 days, it feels good to help out a creature, unless it is a snapping turtle, leave those bastards alone.