The day after returning the dog, Samantha, to her owners, I was once again walking along Creek Road and encountered another lost animal. As I walked along a small paved path intended for golf carts, a large horse stood on the trail staring at me. As a MAN, I figured I could just walk up to the horse, grab it by the reins, and lead it back to the only farm on the road. However, as I approached the huge male animal it started to make hostile noises and successfully conveyed that I should keep my distance. The horse was directly in my way and I could not get around it, plus I figured he obviously did not belong there, so I decided to call the police. Within 3 minutes, 3 cop cars appeared and they managed to call up the farmer and get him on the scene too. The farmer and the cops went to the farm and I stood there staring at the horse, the farmer must of rattled a food bucket or something because the horse just returned home without much prodding or yelling.

Yesterday I took my family + Toby to Glen Onoko Falls near Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania. It is an intense trail which has a huge warning sign explaining that people have been severely injured and died on the trail. Thankfully, we all managed to survive the hike and I’ll have to post a couple pictures of Winston at the top of a large waterfall, he really exuded a sense of accomplishment. Toby is officially part mountain goat and had no trouble jumping up boulders and scaling the steep terrain. It is a beautiful, but challenging hike, if anyone ever wants to go, I’m happy to sherpa for you.

My diet/blood pressure activities are still going along nicely. I’m down a solid 20 pounds, but feel like I could benefit from further reduction. I enjoy my walks and eating healthier hasn’t been a hard sacrifice. I’ll try to post some pics later this week. 

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