Holding Doors

Public service announcement: I am no longer holder doors open for longer than .5 second. I was walking to a doctor’s office today and an old man held the door open for me as I was halfway across the parking lot, if I continued to walk at my normal pace, he would have had to hold the door open for about 15 seconds with his goofy smile on his face. Since it was awkward to walk at the smiling man as he patiently held the door, I decided to pick myself into a jog to cut the time to the door. Honestly, it is pretty easy for me to open and close doors, I’d rather skip the jog and open the door myself.

If you see a healthy man or woman walking towards the door and they are greater than .5 seconds away, just let it shut, it will be okay. Here are candidates for opening a door:

– Elderly people

– Anyone in crutches, wheel chair, or walker

– Anyone pushing a baby stroller

– Little kids

I took a walk this evening and a green Ford Escort sped up around 70 mph and drove within 18 inches of me, honked its horn, and 3 teenage boys screamed out the window as they passed. No one else was on the road and I was completely off the road, it is a good thing I didn’t get my hands on those kids.

Later this week we’re off to Hershey for a business meeting, Jac and the kids will be tagging along, looking forward to relaxing with the family and spending some time in the pool.

3 thoughts on “Holding Doors

  1. totally agree about holding doors. What i’ve been doing lately is not turning around to see if anyone’s behind me when i open the door. Just act oblivious and keep your head down. watch the reflection in the door and gauge how far behind the person is. Also, determine who the person is and if it’s worth holding the door. then pull your pants down.


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