Aetna Disappointing

Here’s an image of my leg, the doc drew lines on me to show where the infection had spread. As antibiotics were administered, the infection retreated from the lines.

Aetna sent me a note saying that they are not going to pay for the procedure. They said my blood pressure was fine and my blood tests were fine, so they weren’t going to pay. I now have to go through an appeals process, if they decide to give me a hard time, I will complain to the head of human resources and suggest they explore all options. It is not right that they deny coverage and shift the burden of proof onto the patients, they should have the burden of proof to not pay after I’ve paid them premiums for 3 years and rarely use them for anything.

I’m Free, I’m Alive

Around 3PM today I was allowed to leave the hospital. They gave me a prescription of high powered antibiotics that I have to take once a day. I was scheduled to be in Orlando this week for an important national meeting with my company, originally I had a flight that left around 11:30 this morning which I had to cancel because I was stuck in the hospital. After getting discharged, I got a flight for 8:45 tonight and am now waiting at the gate to leave with my meds in my bag. Keep your fingers crossed that my leg keeps its current course of healthy progress.

At the airport I see several men with backpacks that have two shoulder straps, but they are also strapped in across their waist and chest. I think 4 strappers must be people who failed the 2 strap system, it’s like training wheels for a backpack. Gentlemen, the 4 strap look is a good one to avoid, you’re getting dangerously close to fannypack territory.
Thank you for all the well wishes and cheerful text messages, it is good to be reminded that people care about you every once in awhile. 

Should have stayed on vacation another week

Doc checked my leg this morning, said I’m looking at another day in the hospital (giving me 4 days in this place). 

I am not going to lie, at first it as pretty nice to have some solitude, watch the shows I enjoy, and the quiet to read my book. Now I am getting a little antsy and and am anxious to break out. I am certain that all the other patients around me are in for serious problems, all through the night I hear the beeping machines signifying life, but occasionally the beeping becomes angry and the nurses dive straight in towards the mess. 
In other exciting news, we recently experienced another plumbing disaster at our home. Upon returning from our vacation, we immediately realized our water was not running…it wasn’t even walking! We couldn’t shower, do laundry, flush the toilet, or anything. To make a long story short, the well pump was no longer working, they replaced it with a new pump, then they found what broke the pump and had to replace a well holding tank. All in all, we had the opportunity to hang out with plumbers, electricians, and a backhoe operator for the entire day of Monday. For this pleasure, we had to fork over $3,200.
Geez, looking back on it, it was a brutal week returning from vacation!

The big bruise with the oozing blisters on the back of your leg is a big deal

On Wednesday morning I noticed a little bug bite or pimple on the back of my left leg. I itched it a couple times and figured it was nothing and went about my day. On Wednesday the bug bite turned into a dollar bill sized bruise that was all bumpy and swollen, it looked a little weird, but I did not think much of it. Thursday ,morning the bruising expanded to the size of a saucer and it was more swollen than before, I drove to Scranton for work and by early afternoon. The pain and swelling was traveling up my leg. I decided to see a doctor, he was alarmed, prescribed antibiotics and said if it does not improve in 24 hours, I should go to the emergency room. Later that night, my leg’s pain turned severe and I could no longer walk on it, the next thing I knew I started to get the chills and needed a blanket on a day when it was 100 degrees. I figured the medicine just needed a little to kick in and went to bed unsure of what the night would bring. 
On Friday morning I woke up without the fever and the pain wasn’t so bad either…hallelujah, the medicine worked! Jacob was skeptical and thought the bruising, swelling, and overall appearance of the infection looked abominable, I promptly corrected her and told her that this was standard, just give the medicine a little time to work its magic. She sighed and left me alone in my office to get my work done. Later that day a disgusting thing happened, big blisters started popping up all over the center of the wound and I figured that’s what happens when these bites are healing. I asked for Jac’s opinion and at that moment the blisters began leaking a clear (but I am afraid to report, ultimately disgusting) liquid began dripping from the blisters. 
Jac had seen enough and called the doc and asked how to bandage the whole ordeal, he implored us to go to the emergency room. I felt pretty good and thought everyone was overreacting (still sort of think that), so I drove o the ER expecting the doctor to see me, take a look at the leg, pat me on the back and say “that spider bite is healing up brilliantly, that liquid leaking out means the drug is working. What really happened is that they put me in a wheel chair, admitted me, hooked me up to an IV, and said I probably won’t get out until Monday.
It’s now Saturday and the past 24 hours have yielded a strong response to the medicine, great visitors, and a lot of time to read and watch movies. I have some gross pics, but cannot post via iPad. Seriously though, it isn’t a big deal, I think it’s a conspiracy orchestrated by Jac to finally get me in front of a doctor. 

Lake Trout

We made our way to our vacation house on Lake Cayuga. In preparing for the trip, I did a lot of research on catching Lake Trout as they are abundant in the lake are not available in any of the waters near home. Lake Trout get pretty big for a freshwater fish, up to 12 pounds! The problem is that the hang out in 70 – 90 feet of water in the summer and concentrate around pools of baitfish that are impossible to see without really good sonar. 

Today I woke up at 5AM and paddled out pretty far into Lake Cayuga and dropped my line in several spots until I felt like I was in the ballpark of eighty feet deep. One of the challenges of fishing from a canoe is that it is not stable and you’re at the mercy of the water, but as my line hit bottom, I jigged up a Hopkins spoon and viola, I hooked something! I cranked up the fish and reeled up a 3 pound lake trout (full disclosure: I hooked him the eye, but I’m counting it!). I let the fish go as I figured he was the first of many, but unfortunately, I couldn’t get another to bite today. 
This is just day 1 of fishing, so hopefully calm winds and good fishing prevail. I also saw a 20 pound carp swim about 3 feet from our dock this morning, Jac is picking up corn for bait now as I type!

Pics From iPhone

The above picture is of the horse I found on my daily walk. Below is a picture of 4 inch slugs that I see on my walk nearly every morning.

Dalia asked that I take a picture of her outside a Dairy Queen in the Warrington Mews:

Here’s one of the bigger waterfalls from our hike up Glen Onoko Falls in Jim Thorpe, PA:

The next couple are of Winston at the base of the waterfall and all the way at the top:

Here’s a Monsters U promotion, see if you can spot the hottest monster:

What Is Your Handicap?

I was at a Panera Bread the other day and a woman sauntered into the store and asked for 18 sliced bagels. She got the bagels and walked to her car that was parked in a handicap spot. She walked fine, talked fine, and seemed to have no issue whatsoever, it made me think “What’s your handicap?”

I really wanted to confront her, that selfish woman parked in a handicap spot appeared to have no issues at all, I really wanted to muster up the courage to approach her and ask about her handicap to verify that she deserved the little handicap decal that hung from her rear view mirror.  The handicap decal that hangs from the mirror is the least official, I doubt those the most as they are transferable and they’re temporary in many cases, I would never bug someone with the handicap license plate.

As I contemplated the upside and downside of approaching the woman and asking her handicap, the downside scenario seemed to outweigh the positive, here are the scenarios:

Here’s the Upside.

Me: Excuse me, I noticed you’re parked in a handicap spot and walk perfectly fine, can you please let me know your condition so I can verify that you really still need your hanging decal pass.

Handicap Lady: I’m sorry, it is from an operation I got 2 years ago and I still use it, I should really put it away, I won’t use it again.

Here’s the Downside.


Excuse me, I noticed you’re parked in a handicap spot and walk perfectly
fine, can you please let me know your condition so I can verify that
you really still need your hanging decal pass.

Handicap Lady: I have terminal cancer.

In the downside scenario, I could be made out to be a little bit of a jerk, but someone needs to crack down on this handicap fraudsters. So, I think it makes sense to fight fire with fire, have handicapped people patrol parking lots to crack down on these people. That way in the downside scenario after the person says “I have terminal cancer” the handicap task force member could say, “Oh, I am paralyzed. Well, have a good day.” There’s probably at least 3 handicapped parking spots in every parking lot in America & there’s hundreds of thousands of businesses, that’s like a million handicapped spots around the nation and who’s monitoring them? It’s like the wild west people! Let’s organize and address this important issue.