Lake Trout

We made our way to our vacation house on Lake Cayuga. In preparing for the trip, I did a lot of research on catching Lake Trout as they are abundant in the lake are not available in any of the waters near home. Lake Trout get pretty big for a freshwater fish, up to 12 pounds! The problem is that the hang out in 70 – 90 feet of water in the summer and concentrate around pools of baitfish that are impossible to see without really good sonar. 

Today I woke up at 5AM and paddled out pretty far into Lake Cayuga and dropped my line in several spots until I felt like I was in the ballpark of eighty feet deep. One of the challenges of fishing from a canoe is that it is not stable and you’re at the mercy of the water, but as my line hit bottom, I jigged up a Hopkins spoon and viola, I hooked something! I cranked up the fish and reeled up a 3 pound lake trout (full disclosure: I hooked him the eye, but I’m counting it!). I let the fish go as I figured he was the first of many, but unfortunately, I couldn’t get another to bite today. 
This is just day 1 of fishing, so hopefully calm winds and good fishing prevail. I also saw a 20 pound carp swim about 3 feet from our dock this morning, Jac is picking up corn for bait now as I type!

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